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Static Art In Ancient Egypt.

A Metaphor For The Permanence Of Egypt.

A Stele from the tomb of Nakhi depicting his life. He sits with his wife and his four sons bring him offerings. Everything is depicted in a static, formulaic manner.
19th Dynasty, c. 1200 BC.
Museo Egizio, Turin.

It could almost be said that history began with Egypt: what is important is the continuity of the Egyptian lifestyle for a period approaching three thousand years. There was the occasional hiccup, like the arrival of the Hittites and the outrageous Akhenaten. They were just hiccups, drops in the swimmingpool of Egypt’s continuity. Egypt’s way of life would continue as though it would never stop.

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Mind The Gap!, The Secret Of Systems

Folding Bikes and Bent Rules.

The Secret Of Systems, Part 12

I wheel my folding bicycle onto a Dutch train. This is strictly against the regulations, but it is tolerated as it makes boarding much faster.

So here is my folding bicycle, on the local train that will take me home. Bicycles that fold up travel free on the Dutch railways, if you have an ordinary bicycle, you have to buy a day ticket that costs €7. Now, according to the rule book, a bicycle has to be folded before you enter the train. As you can see, my bike is still unfolded – and will only be ‘broken’ in the middle for the swift journey home.

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Beyond Newton, Creativity

Overthinking.. overthinking.. overthinking

There are so few people who truly ‘get’ what thinking is. There are many people with whom I enjoy sharing comments; it is a very rare person who truly understands the nature of thinking.

Now it is true that this young lady hasn’t lassooed her own thinking yet, but the power is there, waiting to flower. Few people know that they can wield their power of thought – not just the thoughts themselves. This is what is demonstrated in the post linked to here.

She has looked into her own thoughts and considered them. This is a process so distant from ordinary thinking that the power of words ceases to have meaning. Yet, there she is, young Alex, forming concepts that to me have real meaning. Thoughts that I could never have expressed myself.


I am including this in my series ‘Beyond Newton’ because it shows what is happening when a scientist delves below the surface of consciousness – but thinks they are dealing with reality. When in fact, they are only dealing with their own powers of thought. Inside them. But that is the paradox of the subconscious.

My gift to Alex is to realize the power of reality; her gift to me will be what she does with it.


Source: Overthinking.. overthinking.. overthinking

Mind The Gap!, The Comfort Zone

Why, the phrase”I hear voices” is woefully inadequate in summing up the horrendous nature of mental illness (3)

I shared something from Alex Sarll the other day, this is part three. It is an exploration of what I came to call “The Comfort Zone”. Her problem was that she couldn’t find hers.

Well, now she can. It’s cost her a very great deal; at least she got there in the end. Actually, given that she’s in her 30s, she got there in time to begin…

A person’s challenges are equal to their ability to meet them.

(Continued from part 2..) It’s like there is a web of fears, doubts and terrors shrouding your positive mind, and once something tips your train of thought over onto the lines of that …

Source: Why, the phrase”I hear voices” is woefully inadequate in summing up the horrendous nature of mental illness (3)

Economics, Modern Times

The Proletariat And Its Woes.

In Rudolf Steiner’s lecture series ‘World Economy’ he speaks of those people who have no particular skill to offer the world. We live in a time when the manner in which humanity has evolved raises challenges to itself, and does so on account of widening perceptions. In and of itself, this brings people into situations that would never have been possible in the mediaeval cultures. This was a time when humans made everything they needed: and if you wanted a purple edging for your toga, you had to spend a substantial amount of money to obtain it. The edging might cost three to five times what the rest of the garment cost.

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A Human Menagerie

Noah Revisited.

Noah worked really hard on building the ark, well, he did if you believe the story you were told as a child. Whatever, believe the story or not, he had a problem: he didn't have anything to do!

Noah in the Ark, sending the dove to find land. Mosaic in Basilica di San Marco, Venice, 12th C.

Noah worked really hard on building the ark, well, he did if you believe the story you were told as a child. Whatever, believe the story or not, it still has a meaning for our lives today. Because once Noah climbed off his boat and set foot on land, he had a problem: he didn’t have anything to do!

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Why, the phrase”I hear voices” is woefully inadequate in summing up the horrendous nature of mental illness (1)

I would like to draw your attention to an excellent article that expresses the realities of what mental illness feels like.

My own blog deals with issues far more subtle; but any one of them could lead to a point where people are no longer able to handle their own lives. In this respect, I regard this young lady’s attempts at expressing the things she’s gone through as being some of the most important writings on the internet.

The things she has suffered are things we – that is to say, the majority of people alive today – will suffer. And I mean suffer Because if we carry on in the casual and irresponsible way we are today, that is where it leads.

A mad new world

I am lucky enough to have a friend who has the same diagnosis as me. (Lucky in the sense that it means that I have someone to share my experiences with, not because it gives me a really broad and diverse spectrum of people I can claim to be close to).

Anyway.. she has had the same kind of experiences that as I have had; not entirely the same, because no two peoples experience of mental illness will be identical, but similar enough that when I start ranting about crazy stuff, she can follow what I’m saying.

With her I can talk about absolutely anything. There is nobody else with whom I could be so candid and so in depth about my symptoms and my bad days, most people would be lost at the first “tic, voices, triggered, frustration, memory, tic” loop; most people would be left wondering what the…

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