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The Electromagnetic Wave.

Superconductivity And Electric Power.

I wrote a paper in 2010 for a few friends, and it covered semiconductivity. There was chatter on the net about how this could be achieved and I realized what was going on. A thought had flashed across my mind. I realized that superconductors work in a way that avoids the strictures of the magnetic force as is the case with electric power.

I’ll explain. The stuff we get in our power sockets – what we commonly call electricity, is actually a combination of the electric force and the magnetic force. It isn’t hard to miss this, if only that these are all invisible! It means that mainstream scientists didn’t notice this, if only that they weren’t interested and as is not uncommon with scientists, they have confused the issue.

This is what Wikipedia says:

“Electromagnetism manifests as both electric fields and magnetic fields. Both fields are simply different aspects of electromagnetism, and hence are intrinsically related. Thus, a changing electric field generates a magnetic field; conversely a changing magnetic field generates an electric field. This effect is called electromagnetic induction, and is the basis of operation for electrical generators, induction motors, and transformers. Mathematically speaking, magnetic fields and electric fields are convertible with relative motion as a four vector.”

501 Electromagnetic Wave

To the left we have a picture of an electromagnetic wave, which is shown with the axis going from left to right being time. You will notice that the waves are in quadrature and only co-incide when they are mutually at zero. In short, they depend on one another but being in quadrature means that they have antipathy to each other – this manifests itself in the form of energy. For example the assertion that “both fields are simply different aspects of electro-magnetism” is completely erroneous, and rather than take the scientist’s usual stance of saying “go away and study it yourself” – I will explain the reasoning behind my own viewpoint.

The Electric Force And The Magnetic Force

Electricity – best illustrated in its alternating current form as an electro-magnetic wave – comprises of an electric component and a magnetic component. These are held in what is called in the trade “quadrature”. There is something about a right-angle that is antagonistic, let us say. In astrology (and I make no apology for this diversion as it is accurate and appropriate, so please read on) when a planet squares up against another, it has an effect that is irritating; when two planets meet like this, it forms a challenge. It is not comfortable like a trine or sextile. Even an opposition is somehow less irritating in that it is direct and open. Because a square comes at you from an unexpected direction. It is a common turn of phrase to “come out of the left field” as the Americans say. Your blind side is usually the area just outside your vision (when looking forward). That is at ninety degrees to the thing you’re interested in.

So we have electricity – or what we call electricity, the stuff that we get out of our electric sockets – which is the electric force (which is expansive) and the magnetic force (which contracts).

Electricity is a force. As with all forces, it is one for which we can find many uses. My computer is one of them, electric trains are another. You can dry your hair, heat the water to wash it. You can lighten your darkness, and darken your lightness – with automatic curtain closers. It is everywhere. It is our modern age – and our modern thinking too.

So we have the electric force is in quadrature with the magnetic force. The electric force is bounded by the magnetic, whose power is the greater for the electric force never quite escapes the magnetic. In alternating current where the voltage swings bak and forth – as shown in the diagram – as the magnetic force increases, so the electric force decreases. Importantly, the electric force is governed by the magnetic. That the electric force does not like this is neither here nor there. It is captive for a good reason. Were it not so, it would simply float away and do nothing useful at all. I know people like that. I know “magnetic” thinkers, too: strict, sclerotic and immovable. Their thinking is inflexible and characterless. They could do with a dose of the illuminating electric force! I have characterized the relationship in this way to get away from the sort of talk a physicist would use. That is because a physicist can then claim superiority of knowledge when you do not understand him. They are usually a him, by the way, and their thinking is usually of the magnetic kind.

Magnetism holds the electric component in strict confines. This is important, and it is not a balance and it is not vice-versa. Yes, there is a balance, but the magnetic component is the part that gives it form. Were there no form, the electric element would fly away. The electric force is held captive, and as a captive, can do work instead of flitting around uselessly. It is this “work” that we use electricity for. Because electricity is not electricity: it is a manner of transmitting power.


So what was going on with this super-fast power transmission? The point of what is going on here is that the magnetic force that constrained the electric force is now replaced by a ‘virtual’ magnetism, cold. That is to say, they super-cooled the system, and the cold has a quality of constraining in the same way that magnetism has. Please note that the magnetic force is constraining in that it attracts iron objects whether one uses the north or south poles.

A Note On Electro-Magnetic Waves.

It must be understood that electro-magnetic waves are a purely human construction. That many believe them natural is only because they use equipment that can detect nothing else. That this runs contrary to popular, academic science makes little difference to the reality of the world around us. All the belief in electro-magnetic waves shows is that modern thinking has moved a good distance from reality.

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