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Think Of Profits As A Harvest.


A Different Look At Money.

I was sent an email from a treasured friend this morning. It was in response to something I had sent him that I thought he might have found interesting. His response sparked a thought chain in me that made some thoughts coalesce that before had been floating freely and I did not have the ability to draw into focus.

Money is a much misunderstood phenomenon. I will gladly join in and say that I do not understand it fully; that does not mean I haven’t tried. It has been in trying that there are certain things I have realized that should have an important bearing on your relationship to it.

I realized – now half an hour ago, and that includes making my morning mug of tea for I am English to that extent at least! I realized that money is like a farmer’s crop. It is the result of hard work and good husbandry along with good quality soils that are cared for as much as the plants themselves. If you have a company producing profits, then this is in effect what you are doing. You must ask yourself how good is your “soil” and what you use for your economic compost, how carefully do you tend the economic plants that grow in your business and are they adequately watered? Understand how plants and nature provide us with what we need to live by, understand how treating them with the respect they need and they will respond in kind. A healthy plant is not diseased: a weak plant falls prey to illnesses that a healthy plant will shun.

Friends of ours had a healthy herd of cattle culled because they were surrounded by a serious and dangerous disease called Foot and Mouth. The animals were healthy, and producing reasonable quantities of milk – yet surrounded by animals that were dying horribly. That their farmer was looking after their needs first and tending them as they needed tending meant he had healthy strong animals that resisted disease and its corruptions. His animals were content in a way that an animal used only to generate a profit cannot be.

So it was that a herd that was the pride of two generations of farmers was slaughtered because an administrator made a mark on a piece of paper.

This is what happens when money gets the flu.

This thought is very fresh, yet for that reason it is worth considering. How do you run your business that it develops healthy products and healthy people and thereby a healthy profit? Do you run your business in a way that takes into account the cycles of expansion and contraction so obvious in outward nature. In business it is not so clear, yet there are times when economic activity is expanding – sometimes dangerously, sometimes poisonously – and times when economic activity naturally contracts and seeks to reaffirm itself in its roots.

Kondratieff likened this to the seasons of the year, the effects are far less obvious and far less easy to understand. However if you have a healthy business, dealing with the winter time is something that will come easily for a healthy business can withdraw into itself and whilst less productive uses the long cold winter nights of a Kondratieff Winter to enjoy the fruits of the year’s work. Not for nothing does Christmas stand at the darkest part of the year.

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