Mind The Gap!

Oh, Shit!

A Different Stand On Something We All Sit Down To Do.

Why cut off the horns of a cow to make a few more pennies? That's cruel!
Cows look really nice with their horns. Their digestion is also better and leads directly to better quality manure.

Why is it that nobody likes shit? There is nobody alive who doesn’t go to the toilet at some point in the day. Even the Queen of England has a groom of the stool. This is a slightly different perspective. A point of view that will shed light on why some kinds of shit are actually … nice.

Doing It Doggie Style!

I want first to bring you an observation. Again, it is one of those things that are so obvious that nobody takes any notice of it. That, however is the point. Whilst being obvious, the implication you can draw from this is far from being obvious. I am speaking of dogs. They will happily do a poop in the middle of a busy street. Now put this on its head: what would it mean if a person did this? Shame it seems, is something as remote from the consciousness of a dog as is the concept of possession.

Humans have both, dogs neither.

That doesn’t mean that a dog is any less a dog. It means only that a dog isn’t a human. Sometime I am going to introduce you to the consciousness a dog has, from an esoteric point of view, that is. So: we are in the middle of the street and your much loved pet stops, crouches and poops. If you’re a good owner, you take your dog to the side of the road, or somewhere where people might not tread on what’s left behind. If you are a really good owner, you have doggie bags for it. The one thing you don’t want to do is touch it! Or step in it.

Now the one thing that the dog has no interest in is what it has done. Or the consequences. I will remind you that a dog isn’t a human. People who act without responsibility – thieves for example – are treated as not being worthy of living in our community. If you are to live with your fellow men, consequences are important. I could go on … but this isn’t about morals. This is about shit.

Which smells. A dog fed on a poor diet will produce shit that has a tendency to smell. It can really can honk. It will test the very limits of your senses. You can imagine why people don’t like that sort of thing, and don’t like treading in it either. Which is one reason I have a “shoes off” policy in my home. Brian is my partner, when he first came to my home, took his shoes off with a degree of respect I rarely encounter. He has done so without demur ever since. Whatever he does in his own home is up to him, but in mine, he shows a level of respect that I appreciate and can reflect. That marks a man in my book, a gentleman. Jasper simply couldn’t get his head around the thought. He saw no reason, he saw no need. He couldn’t see mine. Jasper isn’t my partner. I grew up in Asia, remember. The streets aren’t very clean there, simply because the place is so hot. Bugs, beetles and nasties of all kinds breed superfast. You can get ill very easily, very quickly. You take every precaution you can!

For whatever reason, taking shoes off is my line in the sand.

The point of this is that human shit is pretty smelly too. If like me, you have cleaned toilets and changed nappies, you can get to know what the smell means. When my digestion is running nicely my shit does actually smell quite pleasant. In a shitty kind of way, that is. When it doesn’t means that we visited friends or I missed out on dinner or something – or I am simply under the weather. Stress doesn’t help, which is why I avoid it and have this job. I know from any gentle whiff in my bathroom whether my tummy is doing what it should. I don’t shroud it with faux perfumes to avoid any issues.

Shit As The Mirror Of Digestion.

This post is the mirror of the one that deals with digestion. The point is that our intestinal activities aren’t as modern science portrays. There is more: much, much more. It will take you into a realm where shit is actually valuable. Well, some kinds of it anyway. You see, it all has to do with consciousness. That in itself is something that modern science canon’t grasp, and so avoids as if plagued. That all scientists are conscious only means that they must step around it with care lest it raise its gorgon head and look them in the eye. Shit to them is simply effluent and is regarded with the same interest as what comes out of the back of their car. That is to say, none whatsoever. If you have gotten this far, you will already be beginning to think differently about shit.

Because shit is what is left behind by a being that is to some degree or other conscious. The relationship is pretty exact. So let us have a quick look at a few animals, and in this instance I include mankind in the series. In esoteric terms, humans aren’t animals. Nor are we descended from apes, that’s for another time. Humans have a consciousness that excludes us from the realm of animals. Animals have a consciousness that is, at best, dreamy. Think of how on waking, you can snatch at your dreams? That is largely how it is for an animal, only it goes no further, they don’t get to wake up in the way we do. That means in terms of digestion, their needs of the things they eat is somewhat less. A gorilla, whose consciousness is closer in approaching ours than say a dog, will have shit that is of poorer quality than a dog’s. Even dogshit is poor in agricultural terms. A horse is an active animal, bright and responsive. A cow on the other hand is docile, and even in animal terms, their consciousness is dim. That it enjoys whiling away its existence in the green pastures is its reccompence.

Their shit in this instance is actually something that has in the transformative actions of their tummies, had only a little drawn from out of all that grass they ate. Its being quantitatively high in nitrogen implies through the subtlest of alchemies that it isn’t a thinker. Nitrogen is the bearer of intelligence and bright thinking into our material world. Its passing through the cow shows it isn’t an animal like the wily fox. This is why cow manure is actually good stuff for the farmer. It’s also why inorganic nitrogen is bad for the soil – it’s also bad for those who eat it. This must wait.

When composted, cow manure is even better.

Compost is literally and tangibly valuable. Its consitent deep brown has qualities in it that truly exceed those of gold. For one thing, you can grow good food with it, you can’t do that with gold. Don’t forget that you can make as much compost as you like, there is only so much gold in the world.

For compost has a value that few modern Europeans imagine. Let alone grasp. It’s something they should.

The Healing Power Of Shit

This is something that Paracelsus understood. He was that once famous alchemist. He understood that someone who’s ill can’t make the shit that they should. The point is that the illness means that their body can’t assimilate its food properly. What’s left is more than should be left, and that something extra is entirely due to the character of the illness.

This is where Paracelsus had his eureka moment. He realized that the very character of the ill person’s shit was the character of their illness. Understand that the father of homeopathy, Hahnemann, based all his ideas on those of Paracelsus. He simply took them into another realm, through a mixture of his own insight and a more modern pattern of thought. Paracelsus transformed the patient’s shit into a medicine. You can say that this is total rubbisn – only that was how Paracelsus cured the city of Basel of the plague. That was unheard of. It is still unheard of: the plague is still pretty nasty. Even today. If you don’t believe this, using this method is extremely effective with farm animals. It is used by anthroposophic vets today to cure a whole range of problems.

Putting Our Understanding Of Shit On Its Head.

Are we forming a picture here? Shit is something that is actually quite special. It is in a way, a physical shadow. It’s also a direct reflection of a person’s health.

Tell me this: when it can tell us all that it does, why flush it down the loo??

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