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Have You Got An MBA?

A businessman who has done a lot of rote learning but not much thinking.
A businessman who has an MBA.

The Real Value Of A Qualification.


We live in times where qualifications are extremely valuable. They take a great deal of time and money to achieve. So what does this achievement tell anyone? It tells them that you have studied hard.

If your studies are anything like the mine were, you will write an original essay. Everything you write will be your own, yet every idea needs to be backed up by some evidence. That is to say, it has been published somewhere by somebody previously. In other words, you might have an original approach but all the ideas are not. Should you have an original idea, that will in turn need a source so that you can quote it. If not, then you need a first and a research grant to study this idea and publish it along with all the evidence to back it up.

Which is fine in as far as it goes. Only those who are very good at this get to go further, and should they choose, do some research. They have a problem when it comes to new ideas. Perhaps they will find something to research into, perhaps they will be asked to solve something. After all, there is no shortage of things needing solving when intellectuals are involved.

Somehow along the way, the university student lost their ability to find solutions. Everything they touch becomes two new problems. It’s how we discovered sub-atomic particles after all. They’re an expression of not being able to find a solution, rather a solution in themselves. Did you know there’s a study somewhere that shows that a corporation’s profits are inversely proportional to the number of staff holding MBAs? That is to say, the more MBAs there are in a company, the lower the company’s profits will be.

However, proving things with evidence is all well and good. There are things which are harder to prove – no few of which exist in the world of marketing. That is because not all of a customer’s behaviour fits the sort of pattern that is provable. Sure, much of it could be proved by exhaustion only that’s not a proof in my book.

An MBA means you can get a job because you have a piece of paper.
Someone with an MBA at work.

Even in your own life there will be many things you know to be a fact, yet there is not one iota of evidence for – mostly your childhood or deeply intimate memories. You can say this is trivial – it is anything but. I keep saying this, and people keep telling me that I’m wrong. Their excuse is that they don’t need that sort of proof when it comes to their own life. Yet they demand it from me because I am female and 50 and have no certifications to tell them what they should think about me – simply because they cannot decide something for themselves. Save that I’m a frump that is.

You don’t need an MBA to be a frump, although I’m told it helps.


Black And White: The Limits Of Logic.

The Limitations Of Rational Thinking

Can monkeys type?

There is a logical proposition that if you take an infinite number of monkeys and tie them to an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite number of years, you will eventually have the complete works of Shakespeare.

Which of course is absurd. It is the farcical consequence of over-egged logical thinking. The logic has just one flaw that sets off an explosion of consequential errors.

First I would like to you one question: how much time would it take to read through all those pages to find the correct typescript? How many times would you come across Joyce’s “Ulysses” with one spelling error? How many times would you have the complete works of Oscar Wilde written in reverse or snatches of Jane Austen mixed into the Bible along with hints of Conan the Barbarian? In amongst pages and pages of scrambled jumbles of nonsense.

Whilst the logical proposition is clear, the reality of dealing with infinities makes a complete ass of logic.

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