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Three Pounds Of Brain. (That’s 1500g To You And Me).

Isn’t That Heavy?

Your Brain: A User Manual. Part 1

Your thinking is something that is yours and yours alone. Whilst there are things that everyone on this planet does, no two of them happen in quite the same way. What’s more, humans are really good at it. I mean really, really good at it. It is as if they were born to think! Everything that happens to them is thought about, everything they do has been thought out. Which is where the brain comes into its own.

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What Came Before Letters.

Why Today’s Letters Don’t Look Like The Sounds They Represent.

Our letters are abstract because they bear no resemblence to the sound they make.
Does this look like the sounds “ah” or “ey”? This ‘disconnect’ is the key to understanding the abstract.

Outside The Box.

You are reading this in English using letters, an alphabet. In our case, it was established in its essential form by the Romans two millennia ago. They weren’t the first to have a written language, the Greeks and Babylonians had them long before the Romans. Only the codification of language into abstract figures – images – is only one way of communicating that doesn’t involve direct speech. Robert Graves wrote about such things in his seminal work “The White Goddess” which is as revealing as it is profound. It isn’t a book for the unwary, nor is it an easy read. It isn’t meant to be.

The concepts he deals with are subtle in ways that actively strain the way we think today. He takes us back to a time when people weren’t abstracted from the real world in the way we are today.
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Baking Bread

Why do people buy leeks that are big and beautiful but have no flavour?
I thought I had a picture of some bread. You’ll have to make do with leeks instead.
I mean, who’s going to read this post, anyway?

Outside The Box.

At the Ruskin Mill therapy centre for young adults, one of the courses they do is baking bread. They are given an ounce of rye seed and told to bake a two pound loaf of bread. My question to you is how can they do this?

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