Emotional Intelligence

Your Brain: A Masterpiece Of Hard Wiring.

And Your Brain Wiring Can Change Like A Viral Ad.

Your Brain, A User Manual: Part 3

A hundred billion neurons, each with thirty thousand connections. That means the average brain has 500 trillion connections.

That is one hell of a big computer.

Actually this number of connections is roughly the size of the global internet. Think of it: inside your head is your own “brain the size of the planet” as Douglas Adams might have joked.

From the previous post, I trust that you’ll agree that your neurons are way more than just electric switches. Neurons are cells that can breed, and can organize themselves when called to.

In your brain you have this network of pathways, of neural connections. Some will be large and well defined, some small and local. When there are around 500 trillion pathways, the possibilities for different styles of thinking are practically endless. There is a lot of room for you to have your own unique pathways.

What’s more, neurons are active, responsive and able to deal with the stimuli we think of as data. And every neuron has 30,000 synapses that can be hooked up or dropped as needed. Anytime you like. More like, any time you choose them to. When you have that bright idea, neurons go into overdrive with synapses – connections – flipping like a planet sized domino track. Your brain is literally re-wired with each new thought or insight.

Just think about that for one moment.

Each new thought, each new spark of insight, each genuinely new observation changes the way your brain is wired. Because in just thinking about this, your brain will have re-wired itself. Right here and now as you read.

Thinking Going Viral.

This isn’t tweaking the software – the very hardware you use to think changes as you think. The messages scatter across the world of your brain like a Facebook post going viral across the immensity of the internet. Only in the space of nanoseconds. Just reading this much will have done that for you.

Remember that each time you have a brain-wave. We shall be looking at this more carefully in the coming pages (in a forthcoming series with the curious title ‘Yellow’).

When you flip the hood of your engine bay and find something the size of a planet, you will quickly realize there is some very real power going spare. The problem is that we only have a small gearbox. We will turn to this in later posts. This series is intended to be comprehensive.

Thinking Beyond Data Processing.

The point of this series is not to teach you about information and how to grind through stacks of data. Computers can do that for us, and the legacy of this is mountains of data that nobody can ever hope to wade through. The real power in thinking does not lie in this realm, the realm of facts (the intellect). Processing information is important, but it is not what makes thinking truly powerful.

Way more useful is the way you use and handle your information processes. This is a quantum leap above computers. What is more, we will take another quantum leap beyond this. That is when we tackle your imagination, not just your thinking.

All yours for a little time and effort. Believe me when I say that you will never have spent your time more wisely.

With a heartfelt thankyou to the late Tom Hoobyar for inspiring this piece.


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Part 3: Your Brain: A Masterpiece Of Hard Wiring.


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