Mind The Gap!

Neo-Feudalism: From Another Angle.

Why Diversity In Democracy Is Important.



Charles Hugh Smith has been using this term to describe the state that America finds itself in. This with especial reference to the sullen democratic process they have to elect presidents.

Which is fair enough. After all, it is a state of affairs that affects most of the world. Only this talk of neo-feudalism begs some questions. I do not see it as something that humans have put on others, because those who force others to do their will are usually part of the problem and not the cause.

Neo-feudalism cannot spring from itself. Yes, you can apply pressure, Communism taught us that imposition works only for so long.
I have just gotten back from the old DDR (Central Germany) and twenty years of gentle investment hasn’t undone the damage done by thoughtless management whose only aim was of production and not investment.

Thinking And Imagining A Way Out.

My point is that people don’t think. At least they don’t think hard, and they certainly don’t stretch their intellectual muscles much. That includes the politicians too. Just look at the US attempts to handle the deficit. Lots of words, little action. Id est: thoughts not connected to action – the missing factor is emotion. People trained in academic institutions (my father was a professor) generally have little idea of how to apply the stuff they think about. It is this disconnect that affects a lot of people in the West, and especially in the US. Western nations have an education system that relies on testing. You can only test facts after all, and emotions are not facts. Reliance on this has led to people putting money first because they need evidence to base their thoughts on.

Now this is fair enough – however my role is to look not at the evidence, but who made it.

Which is important.

Because evidence doesn’t appear by itself. Something was noticed by someone. A rock fell, a plant grew and a wildebeest was eaten. All these things would go unnoticed but for a human. This chicken and egg situation leads not to the fact that the wildebeestie is now bones, but that the wildebeestie was noticed in the first place. Something was going on that led it to be eaten – that has gone unseen. Something else happened that seventeen thousand others are still grazing on the Masai Mara. That was also unseen. “No see” means “no data”.

Evidence is only one small part of what it takes to understand the world we live in. When a person needs evidence, they need something to support their thoughts. They are no longer independent, and become slaves to facts (as it were). Hence we have a society that is feudal – yet with only a small investment in the imagination we have a society that has enough freedom to show the rest how it is done. The more independent thinkers there are, the more freedom they have – and the more diverse our society is.

So when it comes to looking at your accounts, remember it’s your customers who help make them. Those numbers are a trail left by your customers, good and bad. Big and small.

The Future Of The United States?

If diversity in democracy is the solution, the State of the Union is parlous. Few politicians are brave enough to stand up, leave alone do anything. Few in the banks are brave enough to stand up, leave alone do anything. Few citizens are brave enough to stand up, leave alone do anything. Those that do are usually out to get something for nothing in a riot. Mind you, if they haven’t any money and their only desires are material, rioting is perhaps the only way to satisfy these desires. Are they so different from the über-elite über-rich they so despise? Or is it more a case that the rioters would do the same as the rich were their positions reversed?

Nobody is doing anything, everybody is doing nothing. In effective terms at least. Meanwhile the Japanese have creamed off the best technologies and the Americans themselves have sent their productive industries to China. There isn’t much of their economy left save banks that make a profit by abusing double entry book keeping. As this is over 60% of the US GDP, removing them means the US economy looks more like the economy of a dusty West African state. That hasn’t any oil.

Perhaps the youngsters are right to riot? After all, the banks can’t fake it for much longer. Get the stuff whilst it’s there and the power’s still on. Afterwards the über-rich will be as wealthy as the rioters.


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