Sir Henry Loses The Colours.


Sir Henry is a ghost who inhabits the emails between my good self and a gentleman who lives in North Germany. This is one of his adventures – accidents. The “Colours” in military terms means the flag of course. In my hands, it became a little more elaborate. Windsor and Newton are a famous manufacturer of paints that my grandfather swore by.

Sir H was unlucky at Waterloo. You may or may not know that the “Artists Rifles” were actually formed in 1812. This was part of the British King William IV’s commitment to Windsor and Newton. The Duke of Wellington had the Artists Rifles cycle across to the left flank where they could await Blucher. The point being that as artists they were good with colours, and so would be able to see Blucher before anyone else. There are problems associated with an infantry unit dedicated to painting pictures. Once it has all the easels set up, the canvasses stretched in military order, the paint boxes all in the regulation line, it is less agile than a Roman Testudo.

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The Lizard Brain Meets Its Match

Brian’s Fiat Panda

The Sub-Conscious, Part 4

There’s an interesting defect in the design of the Fiat Panda. It’s not something that’s obvious. It’s annoying and it shows that the person designing the car had no idea about how lizard brains work. Well, let’s face it, most of us don’t and it’s only recently that its become apparent to me.Now when I come to open the driver’s door, I always lock it. Opening the passenger door, it’s a matter of chance if I
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Letting The Lizard Drive.

The Lizard Looks After The Details Whilst You Enjoy Driving.

The Sub-Conscious, Part 3.

A little further than Regensburg, towards Austria.

You’re driving your car. You see the sign for Regensburg and know there aren’t any speed limits on this stretch of the A3. You think “yahoo!” and your car shoots down the road. Just like that. You didn’t even notice the movement of your foot.

You don’t think “I need to press this pedal with my right foot to adjust the valve that allows more fuel into the injectors that makes the engine pull more power now that I’m on the Autobahn”.

All that happens is that you think and it moves.

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