A Visit To My Most Important Workplace

We walk down a tree lined lane in the early evening. The dandelions and grass drape the side of the sun dappled path. We walk slowly, enjoying the quiet now that the traffic on the nearby motorway has dispersed after the evening rush. 

Before us now is a neatly mown grassy driveway, and to the right some fenced in vegetable gardens. To the other side, to the left is a less organized vegetable patch. The curved edge is defined by small pieces of paving slab neatly laid on top of each other. 

It isn't an office, and it doesn't even have a roof. It's where my copywriting actually happens.

A tin watering can is left by the cabbages, appearing here and there in amongst the weeds. I let the fat hen grow out as it’s an early spinach and quite as tasty. There are rows of potatoes, parsnips and the bright crimson flowers of the beans. Some plants form straight rows, some following the meandering paths. Nature does not form rectangular boundaries, and I see no reason to impose them. 

An office this is not. Yet it is here that my most important work is done. There is no internet or even piped water! My day is writing and I’m all up. Cups of coffee won’t work now, and there is only one thing to do. Get out and enjoy the gentle rain and soft greens. Run my hands through the soft soil that lies just down the lane. 

The peaceful song of the robin and the blackbird lets me relax and listen. Listen to the unfocussed thoughts that drift to and fro in a mind as quiet as Zen. Bringing them to paper later is easy. All you do is re-live the pictures in your memory and write about it. 

So if you like copy that draws your visitor into your world, then I’m your girl. It’ll lead them quietly into the gates of your business. Their delight in finding the thing they truly need will overpower them. You need do little more but let them know what to do about it.

A tin watering can lies next to my cabbages. This is where inspiration happens.

They won’t need asking twice.

So if you like this, let me know. I can match your style and your demeanour. For the first time in their lives your customers will have read an advertisement that’s better than the blog it accompanied. 

A quiet email is all it needs to get in touch with me trough my contact page, below. If the reply isn’t fast it means I’m somewhere else. Only where that is, is my secret.


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