Keeping It Simple: Spaghetti Parmesan

Spaghetti parmigiano is simple, it is effective and very hard to get just right.Gourmet Chefs And A Gourmet’s Attempts.

This is Brian enjoying a proper Spaghetti Parmigiano. I know it’s proper because it was made last night by an Italian chef. And he really knows how to cook. Actually, like most of his stuff, it’s everso simple. It’s spaghetti and parmesan cheese, the parmesan being melted by the warmth of the spaghetti. The warm parmesan wafting its savoury perfume, the spaghetti curls itself on your tongue. The melted parmesan that has delicious crystalline specks that tease the tongue. It’s more than worth the modest ten euros it costs. You can get it at Ristorante Heidestern in Bad Bevensen if you’re interested in trying it. Well worth a detour if you’re in that neck of the woods. Somewhere south of Hamburg in the north of Germany.

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Why Trannies Wear Heels!

A Look At Stereotyping, And Its Uses.

I guess he's not thought too hard, right?
I guess he’s not thought too hard, right? Well, he is a bloke!

Frauds and their Behaviour, Part 3

You’ll have seen the jokes, a man in high heels, black wig and black lace undies. It is so common, so usual for a man to act this way when trying to imagine being a woman. They imagine it in the only way they can – with sex as their lens. The experience they want is anti-man as it were, everything has to be as un-manly as possible. After all, men don’t wear high heels – well at least they don’t do so in public.

Greener Grass Tempts Small Minds.

So that’s what becomes sexy to them. It’s an aspect of the forbidden fruit, the greener grass. Okay, so they’ll wear lace where you can’t see it. Just ask any Emergency ward nurse what they find when they pull down some men’s trousers in a very necessary hurry. They get used to it.

This isn’t a study of why a grown man dives into his wife’s knicker drawer. This is a look at why men wear high heels to stimulate a weak libido. As mentioned, it’s something to do with the otherliness. More to the point, it’s what they all do. After all, a shoe is a shoe and if it’s feminine in shape you’ll not notice it being a different shape when it’s comfortable.

But an uncomfortable shoe – one that’s difficult to perch on – reminds you of what you’re doing. All the time they’re teetering around in their living rooms. It kinda keeps things on edge, keeps it all going.

Only wait! There’s no evidence for this, is there? How many academic studies have there been into fetishism of this kind? Even if there were, what conclusions could they arrive at bar the obvious statistical outcomes? Because statistics don’t prove much unless the result is a 10:1 difference and you can’t interpret the data in any other way. Even so, are the assumptions correct? As far as I’m concerned, and for the purpose of this essay, there is no proof one way or the other.

Imagine the delicate waft of stale tobacco smoke as he leans over John's shoulder...
Imagine the delicate waft of stale tobacco smoke as he leans over John’s shoulder…

Yet it’s common knowledge that trannies wear high heels. The MP found hanging from a lampshade is wearing lace and heels. It’s their avatar, their motif as it were. It’s the one thing that characterizes the man who hasn’t the remotest interest in what it really is like to be a woman.

Men in pubs crack jokes about them. Women shake their heads in bewilderment.

Still no proof!

Whilst there’s no evidence for this, the correct statistical analysis will draw their qualities to the fore. You may not believe in this kind of thing, say it’s all hogwash. But do remember that Trannies will always be teetering around on high heels in spite of any evidence. 

Evidence, Part…

Modern Times

Multiple Passwords: An Easy To Remember Strategy-

One Easy Solution Which Uses The Human’s Ability To Imagine.

One of my emails was hacked, not an uncommon happening these days. Hackers and spammers could do nicer things with their brains only as ever the cart’s before the horse. Hacking and spamming is all they know, and they probably can’t see a way out. They probably enjoy the challenge too, so they don’t even want a way out. Which is a problem for us and it’s not as if we aren’t facing enough challenges as a species without their adding to them.

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