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Losing At Chess.


P 310 Losing at chessI’m good at losing, it’s how I go about life really. Chess isn’t the only one thing I’m happy to lose at, arguments are another. To those of you with a more driven personality all this will sound very strange indeed. Until you realize what it means to lose an argument in terms of real psychology, that is to say, the reality of the situation rather than a quote from some book.


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Autumn Leaves-

This is the time of year when leaves are colourful. This is the valley of the Saale river near Naumburg.The world has turned on its axis again, and here in the Northern Hemisphere that imperceptible line which divides summer from autumn has been passed. It’s one of those happenings you can only determine when it’s passed. The mornings are colder now, the evenings darker and the heating thermostats start clicking again. The trees have turned to wonderful colours as seen here in the beautiful Saale valley just outside Naumburg in Germany.

The leaves fall, as fall they must before winter comes. Autumn winds blow them against walls where children of all ages kick them around in that eternal autumn game. The very size of these heaps ought bring some sense of awe to us, rather than a shrug of the gardener’s shoulder as his blower rounds them up into manageable heaps. Leaves are seen as something to be rid of, dispose of.

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