My Uncle, Professor Moriarty.

The Man Who Provides The Right Evidence For Brussels.

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Frauds and their Behaviour, Part 5

The family I come from is an intensely academic one, and my uncle is no exception. His lineage is pristine for a gentleman of his character. That is to say, a fine, upstanding and honest crook. You can see that as a marketer I followed closely in his footsteps. Only I’d like to tell you a little about him.

You see, my uncle Moriarty now works for Goldman Sachs and other such august institutions. Not officially of course, he’s a retired professor at the Erasmus in Rotterdam, Holland’s Cambridge. He now lives in a genteel corner of Brussels, where he works by wining and dining high level EU bureaucrats.

This arises from the fact that most financial issues are simply too complex for the EU parliament to understand. You need to understand that they need evidence. To this end, they defer their decisions to committees who gather the required evidence and prioritize it. The result is then handed up to the parliament. It is an excellent system.

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