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Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em

What Do You Expect For Such A Price?

This is a common expression used by the Dutch. I’d not heard the expression before I moved here, and it seems to be a good expression where Dutch builders are concerned.

Click the link for a laugh at the Dutch: http://www.toegangtothetspoor.nl/Content/Videos/en-1.webm

Poor Quality From Proud Dutchmen.

Because there’s something about Dutch builders that defies description. Is it that they just don’t care? Is it that they’re bored? Do they just hate their clients? Is it that they get paid irrespective of results? If they underbid someone else – which with the recession has become a pestillence – their quality plummets. Which is beyond me: after all, it’s only by doing a good job that you’re likely to get referrals.

Or am I missing something??

Twenty Years’ Experience?

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