Dark Thoughts

Black and White. Part 5

The US banks were very kind to me. To protect themselves, they told several Dutch banks to accept that the sparkling investments that they’d bought at great expense were worth…

… nothing.

That is to say, the US banks were kind enough to tell the Dutch banks that whilst these investments were properly backed by US banking law, the US banks were going to have none of it. Continue reading “Dark Thoughts”

Modern Times

The Dead Of Night.

Black and White. Part 4

The silvery cold eats at our coats, our feet and our noses, leaving only our hearts.

We are a thousand miles from anywhere, far enough for distance to make no difference. Whilst we seamen navigate by the stars, tonight we have nothing else. There is no wind, there is no moon, there is no horizon for the black of the sea merges with the black of the sky invisibly.

We could be in the middle of space. Which is what it feels like. The sky before us is bible black and the stars seem to shine the brighter for it. The night is so clear it feels as if one could reach out a hand and pluck one from the firmament.

Nobody I speak to has seen a night like this one. I’ve never seen one like it since. It is as if the gods have cleared the seas and the skies and left us on our own. Are we really God forsaken?

Or have we forsaken Him? Continue reading “The Dead Of Night.”



Black and White. Part 2

The smoke is a thick black column lifting into the light grey sky. Staring out of a window at a signal at danger is part of a railwayman’s life. Same the world over, innit? There’s a light drizzle wot no noise as it hits the dirty black metal of the runningboards that stretch out along the side of the boiler. It’s been so long since we stopped they’ve made puddles, black with white reflections. Drippin off of the sides now. Continue reading “Unhappiness.”

A Sideways View · Feeling

A Different View Of Time.

Those of you who read my story about the motorcar will have experienced in an imaginative way the things I wish to discuss now. This is in the form of a lecture, but it has the intention of starting another free-for-all, so observations are welcome! I will add that this is something that I uncovered for myself, and only later discovered that Steiner spoke of it in a far deeper way. You can imagine my eyes popping! The essence of the story about Mercedes motorcars that I told has to do with the threefold nature of time:
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