Our Subconscious


Looking Beneath Consciousness.

The Subconscious, Part 9.

I was doing the vacuuming a few moments ago, and I was only able to do this because I found the bit that goes on the end of my hoover. Now this may sound a little odd, because moments before I had brought it and the hoover into my livingroom.

You see the problem was that I put the end bit down. I didn’t think to do this and so it sort-of disappeared. For you and me, it’s called absent-mindedness and being the bluestocking daughter of a university professor, it is my birthright.

Absent mindedness, that is!

Only I’m writing this because it illustrates an area of my thinking that isn’t conscious. Most of the time, it is conscious. That is to say, I put the hoover down and do this in a way that registers in my mind. Then there are moments when this doesn’t happen. The frustrating thing is that I don’t know when it’s going to happen. Put better, when I’m not going to register the fact.

Things – like the bit that goes on the end of my hoover – just disappear. And I don’t even have a big flat where these things can lose themselves. But by gum, their ability to lose themselves is all but magical! Sometimes it can be for days. What’s more, they’ll turn up in the oddest of places!

Such places are precisely where one would expect them to be, were one thinking straight. I could look into my cupboard and not see this end-bit of my hoover. For all its being there! It’s almost as if little goblins had put their hands across it so I couldn’t see it. Goblins have a good laugh when people get mad, it’s why they put their hands over things.

And no, the kids have moved on, so I can’t blame them. Nor do I have a partner, so he can’t be blamed either.

It’s just me and the end-bit of the hoover. What’s more, end-bits of hoovers don’t move themselves.

Today I won: it was under a chair. Only I cannot for the life of me think why I should have put it there, nor can I remember anything to do with putting it there!

The Intellect.

Our thinking today is largely intellectual, and it comes about because we focus our consciounsess on one area. That is to say, we limit the breadth of our thinking so that our thinking is more intense. There are two sides to this, one is that our powers of perception are pretty well constant. The second is what we do to strengthen our thinking.

My loss of the end-bit of my hoover demonstrates where my ability to perceive comes to an end. My father was a professor after all and you don’t get much more intellectual than that, and I’m simply following family tradition. The point is that whilst one’s perceptions are limited, this only means one cannot see something that one ought be able to see. It also means that being human I can do things that I am simply not aware of – that is to say, I am capable of doing something, it does not mean that I’m going to notice doing it! You see, when I tried to think about where this ruddy thing might be, there was literally nothing in my mind that I could think of that would help me. Whatever I had done was a total mystery!

It was beneath my consciousness. Every time I thought of it, there was a black space.

At least this black space is something I can be aware of. After all, most people aren’t.


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