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A Railway Waggon At The Roots Of Dementia?

Another Glimpse At How We Forget To Look.

This is an ordinary goods waggon, as used on the North American railway network. There’s nothing special about it, save the livery and the logo. Anything else is invisible: whatever it’s carrying, wherever it’s going, wherever it came from cannot be seen from the waggon itself. Nor is it an open waggon where you can see the goods draped with heavy tarpaulins, or a waggon designed for a specific purpose such as carrying oil, gas, ores, or cereals.

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Economics · Hitting The Wall

The Tale Of An Energy Corporation.

Conversing With People Who Have Been Told What To Say.

I filed my annual electricity meter readings to my energy company last December. It was a little late, because it should have been submitted in November. So when they suggested a correction, I readily agreed, imagining this to mean that they would correct my reading for the extra month of usage.

In late January, I was startled to find that my electricity provider took €100 out of my bank account without having given any warning.

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