Emotional Intelligence

I Wish I Hadn’t Worked So Hard.

And What To Do About It.

Our Imagination, Part 2.

Vincent van Gogh’s depiction of an old man.

Bonnie Ware is a nurse in Australia who worked with the elderly and the dying. You can imagine she meets many people who have regrets. She was astonished by the clarity of their perception, and this led her to share some of the wiser things she heard. When I read the article in the London newspaper ‘The Guardian’ you can imagine that Bonnie’s experiences rang true with some of the things I have witnessed myself. Albeit that my experiences have been with people who are in the middle of living out their life’s path and haven’t yet “hit the buffers”, as it were.

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Emotional Intelligence

Rudolf Steiner And The Herring’s Egg.

And Another Perspective On Multiverses.

Not all herring's eggs grow to maturity, how many eggs were eaten before this school of fish grew to maturity?
Herring. How many herrings’ eggs were eaten for each of these fish?

Rudolf Steiner often said things that sounded stupid to the workings of a logical mind. Because when he spoke about herrings’ eggs, many logical thinkers will have found opportunity to pour scorn on him. That didn’t make the things he said any less valuable, for he shared a very different perspective on our world than that accepted by most. It only meant that those who believe in logic don’t worry themselves about such details because they can’t imagine them.
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