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An Inconvenient Antimatter

Infinity From A Different Perspective.

Is the scientist's idea of anti-matter just a different kind of matter?
Antimatter as a material phenomenon.

In our modern day and age, scientists have a concept that they call anti-matter. The sort of stuff that has positive electrons and negative protons, that kind of thing. In short, it is a very neat – indeed, exact – “turning around” of the scientist’s thoughts.

It is such practices that means scientists don’t have to think very hard. Which is, after all, what convention is all about, isn’t it? Being able to think grand thoughts without one’s reaction to absurd thoughts that lead one to spill the coffee.

You see, when a scientist mirrors his thinking, the wonderful thing is that he doesn’t have to change it one bit. Just giving an electron a positive charge means any anti-matter world would look remarkably like our own. Anti-matter beer would taste the same, even if it was brewed in those huge vats made of anti-matter stainless steel. I learned that beer is an important element of the scientist’s world, be it material or anti-material.

But the point of this post is that if one is going to have anti-matter, it really has to be anti. Because all the scientist does with his anti-matter is to retain his conventional thinking but imagine a world in the manner of ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ only with beer instead of argumentative chess pieces. That is to say, their anti-matter is really just matter with a different overcoat.

In short, anti-matter really has to be ‘anti’ in every conceivable sense of the word. Which when taken to its ultimate conclusion, it means that anti-matter really has to be non-material. Which, for the scientist, is where the problems begin. Because they like their anti-matter in a form that is comfortable and conforms to their expectations.

Which only means that whilst a scientist’s idea of anti-matter is just more matter, only with the difference that the two forms of matter are mutually self-destructive, it is the kind of danger that they can’t possibly get close to. Which makes it the more comfortable still; after all, dangers that are theoretically implausible are Very Safe Dangers.

Only my point is that even with these dangers being an infinite distance from us still means they are part of our world, part of the scientist’s comfort zone. Or at least, just on its periphery. But still far enough away for them to imagine that they aren’t going to affect them any time soon.


Waving Away The Reality Of Anti-Matter.

The reality of anti-matter is a little more dangerous though; but as it is a concept foreign to modern scientists, it can be dismissed as being illogical or mere superstition. That doesn’t make it any less dangerous, it just means the modern scientist (or philosopher or theologian) can wave it away with a disparaging yawn.

For all their thinking that encompasses the infinities of space, they are forgetting what it’s like when you look the other way. Which is, after all, what anti-matter is all about. Well, the reality, rather than the cosy illusion. Because the reality of anti-matter is that it’s not matter at all, and everything in the world of anti-matter is so backwards that it contorts the mind.

So, when you’re looking from the infinities of space to the dot that is now the earth, an infinity of a different quality arises. It arises through the very inversion that is anti-matter, which is rather more real than its being the reflection of everything that presents itself in our everyday life.

Oh, and it’s a little more dangerous too, of course.

Only imagine that this anti-matter has another quality too. For the materialists, infinity is incredibly large – one might describe this as the periphery of the universe itself or Graham’s number – imagine that in the inverted world of anti-matter, the incredibly small has infinite dimension?

Which reminds me of what William Blake said about the issue, which really brings home the truth of what real ‘anti-matter’ does for us all:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.

There will be some of you who know what I am talking about.



In the Wikipedia article on Antimatter, it states that “The Feynman–Stueckelberg interpretation states that antimatter and antiparticles are regular particles traveling backward in time due to up-spin decoherence.” Now these guys are getting close, only as mentioned previously, close in a way that allows them the materialist’s peace of mind.


2 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Antimatter

  1. OK, I’m slow. It took me a second reading before I was able (a) to chuckle at your first section (b) to gulp at your second. I’ll read some more of your blog posts…


    1. Why the gulp? These things aren’t dangerous, at least, they aren’t when properly understood.

      The problem with modern science is that there is too much theorizing and too little reality. If you’ve stumbled upon my series ‘Beyond Newton’ you’ll get an idea about the direction I’m taking.


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