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Why Are We Ashamed Of Technology?


A truck turned over showing all the ugly machinery you don't normally see.
Not a sight for one’s morning coffee! A truck, naked for all to see.

It is said that there was a time when people were so ashamed of themselves that they clothed the legs of their grand pianos. They couldn’t bear the thought that they had, well, certain things that were to do with legs. Whilst the rumour was stronger than the occurrence, for the Victorians, it was normality to dress their ladies down to the ankle.

But then, we are modern and don’t look at our own society in that kind of way, do we?

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The Nurturing Of The Root.

What Darkness Does For Us.

Two forms of evil that we must transform if we are to live healthily.
This is who we are discussing.


In 1924 Rudolf Steiner gave some verses to medical students, which contained the lines

“I will make strongest
The being of my soul
With all hardening salt
Wereby the Earth with loving care
nurtures the root.”

This, as mentioned in the verse, speaks of Salt. Not just your table salt: the alchemical process known as salt, which in my terminology (following that of Goethe) is termed Blue. Blue is, after all, darkness lightened, and as such stands as a metaphor for consciousness. I have spoken at length about the nature of consciousness and how one can advance one’s abilities in this realm; but today I want to look the other way, as it were. To look at what ‘salt’ is. That is to say, not to look at blue as darkness lightened, but to look towards blue and that which blue emanates from: darkness itself. Continue reading “The Nurturing Of The Root.”

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The Evidence For Dementia

Dementia as a progressive conditionDementia, is classed as a degenerative disorder; and most of us are familiar with not only the idea, but the realities of what dementia does to someone. Now it is easy to understand that with so many people suffering from dementia, modern medicine is busying itself with treating the condition. Their aim is to prevent it during the early stages. The problem is extremely subtle, in that a degenerative disorder has to start from somewhere, and that starting point will of necessity be all but imperceptible.

Not only that, it will be different for each individual.

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Let There Be A Child In The Man.

Let Not The Man Be A Child – Friedrich Schiller.

Why can't grown men behave like adults?
Someone touched a nerve.

It would be last week that I was speaking with a friend, and he mentioned his behaviour towards a common acquaintance. The fact was, he’d been teasing this person and afterwards, did feel a little guilty for his actions. He said that he felt as if he’d smacked a child across the face.

In fact, he added: “I felt lower than a snake’s belly”, because he felt so incriminated for his actions. Now it has to be said that I have engaged in this form of activity too.

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The Invisible Science, And The Imaginary.

Well, how many Higg's Bosons ARE there in a spoonful of sugar?
How many Higg’s Bosons do you want in your coffee?

Frauds and their Behaviour, Part 7

“Even if modern physics or other branches of science declare that behind the colours there is vibrating etheric substance, it soon becomes obvious that what is thus assumed to lie behind the colours is something added by thought. Nobody can actually perceive what physics declares to be vibrations, movements, of which colour is merely an effect; nor can anybody say with certainty whether there is reality in what is alleged to lie behind the sense-impressions.”

Rudolf Steiner, 22nd March, 1910.

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Modern Times

The Effect Of The Naval Flintlock.

A flintlock fixed to a cannon, allowing it to be fired from a distance by pulling the lanyard attached to the lock.
Naval flintlock (gun-lock) with lanyard.

Modern Times, As Seen Through Ship Design, Part 6.

From looking out of the ship to the stars by which the crew would navigate, we now turn to look inside. Whilst this may seem an obscure element to include in this series, the impact of the flintlock was far beyond any other change in warship design save the introduction of the ship-board cannon itself. Continue reading “The Effect Of The Naval Flintlock.”

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The Archaeology Of The Nervous Breakdown.

Dealing With Our Subconscious.

The nervous breakdown is something that one can deal with, and learn from to make one's life better.
Nervous breakdowns are not fun, and usually people want to avoid one at all costs.

I posted something around a year ago about the effects of our subconscious activities. If we are even interested in coming to understand our subconscious, it means dealing with a number of paradoxes, the first of which is that it exists at all! Most people live their lives as if it didn’t exist, which truth be told, is a reasonable assumption, given what one can see of the subconscious. That is to say, nothing.

Nothing at all.

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