Heaven And Earth.

P 603o Pope Innocent III excommunicating a group of Albigensians
Pope Innocent III excommunicating some Albigensians.

The likes of the Albigensians and Cathars are famous for their being heretics, it is less well known why they were considered such. But then, little is spoken of why Saul – who later became more well known as St Paul – chased after and killed Christians before his heavenly vision on the road to Damascus. For Saul, as the Albigensians et al, considered the heavenly realms pure and the earthly realms impure. That is quite understandable if you look around you today, but back then, with the verdant beauty of the planet’s living robe, it is perhaps a little harder. Nevertheless, that is how they saw things.

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A Business Headache Solved.

P 603i Tom’s Nuts and Bolts

For most businessmen like Tom, their competition is the biggest challenge they will ever face. Today’s marketplace is like dog eat dog, big fish eats little fish, and any little fish will be swimming for its life. It is a real headache.

In days gone by, things were nicer, more peaceful and there was less competition. Profits were higher, too.

Tom has a business making nuts and bolts. Not your ordinary nuts and bolts, specialist things made of high quality steel and aluminium for military equipment manufacturers.

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Emotional Intelligence · Modern Times

A Very Modern Good Friday.

P603o jesus-crucifixion-It is almost Easter. At least, the remembrance has begun, that is to say, remembering Good Friday.

Remembering the day when Jesus was nailed to a cross by those who thought they were doing the right thing. Acting out of materialist legislation which is itself the result of a lack of imagination. The bloke with the hammer and a bag filled of nails was only doing his job… was he paid by results? Paid by the nail, or by the body?

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Kirschner’s Black And White Rainbow.

Kirchner's painting shows the rainbow standing between a dark sky and a lighter one inside.
Kirchner’s Tinzenhorn showing the reality of the rainbow.
Kirchner Museum, Davos CH.

The first time I met Kirschner was in Stuttgart in the 1980s, and to tell the truth, I didn’t like his paintings. But then, painters don’t paint to please people – not the proper painters anyway – they paint because it is their means of self expression. That means if it doesn’t please me, that’s my problem. Taken to extremes, in the way our culture does today, this means that a person can paint red rectangles and still call it art because that’s all they are capable of. For some, like Malevich, it’s sufficient that people have to know what he’s talking about to know what these piles of rectangles actually mean. For Kirschner to have to paint rectangles would have felt like an imprisonment!

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