Heaven And Earth.

P 603o Pope Innocent III excommunicating a group of Albigensians
Pope Innocent III excommunicating some Albigensians.

The likes of the Albigensians and Cathars are famous for their being heretics, it is less well known why they were considered such. But then, little is spoken of why Saul – who later became more well known as St Paul – chased after and killed Christians before his heavenly vision on the road to Damascus. For Saul, as the Albigensians et al, considered the heavenly realms pure and the earthly realms impure. That is quite understandable if you look around you today, but back then, with the verdant beauty of the planet’s living robe, it is perhaps a little harder. Nevertheless, that is how they saw things.

The time we are speaking of is just after the turning of the second millennium.  This is a time when the Church played a meaningful role in the life of practically every European, and yet the Albigensians couldn’t accept the message. Mind you, that’s hardly surprising given that by this time, the teachings of the Church had become dogma rather than anything drawn out of direct understanding.

In short, the Albigensians sought something but didn’t know quite what. All they sought was beyond their grasp. All they had and knew was what they didn’t like. Like a group of mediaeval Milenas (see below), they saw evil all around them; albeit for very different reasons. Quite as importantly the Albigensians saw themselves as part of the problem – which Milena most certainly did not. The Albigensians scorned their bodies and sought to live a pure, soulful life with as little to do with their physical selves as they could manage.

Yet for all this, they still needed to eat, which they did. Then, as now, leaves sprout from the ground, ready to be plucked and eaten, and I can imagine a humgry Albigensian picking the leaf of a dandelion and eating it, just as I do today when I’m peckish. Food is food, and nothing on God’s good earth will change the fact that it grows, and the primary source of food on land is vegetation. If we are alive and can think, it is a result of there being food to eat and water to drink.

Which is what the Albigensians forgot in thinking the earth and all things material as being utterly and irrevocably evil. Perhaps they didn’t read the first chapter of the Gospel of John? Perhaps they misread it, or like theologians comparing the dissonant genealogies of Jesus in the Matthew and Luke Gospels, it was simply overlooked because it was an irreconcilable problem to the unimaginative. Or an excuse was invented – or a lie perpetrated to sweep the problem under the carpet.

P 603o Heretics being burned out Christ's forgiveness
Christ’s forgiveness expressed by good Christians burning heretics.

Yet for all this, the earth bears its vegetation in order that humans may sustain themselves. The point being that heaven has played a very real part when it comes to our sitting down to dinner. There is no chemical, pesticide or fertilizer that will make a plant germinate; it may give the appearance that the plant grows faster, yields a larger harvest. However, it remains a fact that the life in the seed is still beyond the grasp of the material scientist. Nor will GMO alter this: if the seed is dead, there is nothing the scientist can do to revive it.

No matter how much the scientist strives, he cannot overcome this one issue. No matter how hard the Albigensians tried to get to a heaven of their dreaming, they still needed to eat.

As with so many things, the evil the Albigensians saw all around them was the very thing they needed if they were to find the truth about creation. Behind the freshly growing sprigs of nettle, mint and thyme stand the archetypes of heaven itself. The very thing they saw as evil was that which they sought.


Picture of a horrendous voodoo doll and a witchMilena Sees Witchcraft Everywhere.

How The Innocent Become Evildoers.
The Subconscious, Part 7.

My Jasper friend came to visit briefly last night, and brought his friend Milena who was visiting him. He usually calls me to tell me he arrived home safely, this time he sounded upset and I asked why. He said that his bathroom had overflowed in some way and had damaged his ceiling; he’d gotten it all cleaned up but was still a little shaken. But he went on to say that he was also feeling a little disturbed by the things Milena had been telling him about me.

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Let There Be A Child In The Man.

Let Not The Man Be A Child – Friedrich Schiller.

Why can't grown men behave like adults?

Someone touched a nerve.

It would be last week that I was speaking with a friend, and he mentioned his behaviour towards a common acquaintance. The fact was, he’d been teasing this person and afterwards, did feel a little guilty for his actions. He said that he felt as if he’d smacked a child across the face.

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