Selling What People Want To Buy.

Selling isn’t hard when they want to buy what you’ve got.
Selling isn’t hard when they want to buy what you’ve got.

In a manner redolent of the US banks during the 90s and the first decade of the millennium, Papal envoys travelled the length and breadth of Europe. It was around the turn of the sixteenth century and they were selling what people wanted most: freedom from sin.

Now this sounds a little silly, given that Jesus died on the cross for this very reason, and in any of the Gospels, even the apocryphal ones, there has never been any mention of Christ asking to be paid for what he did.

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Emotional Intelligence

A Cerebral Flowering.

Some cosmos flowers in a tub. There's a lot of leaf given how many flowers there are.
Some cosmos flowers in a tub. There’s a lot of leaf given how many flowers there are.

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and he mentioned something to do with thinking. Well, it’s not hard, there are few conversations which I engage in that do not touch the nature of thinking from one direction or other. It reminded me that Rudolf Steiner had spoken of thinking as a flowering in man, that is to say, humankind.

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Modern Times · Our Subconscious

The Man On Platform Two.

I was standing on the platform of Bayreuth station yesterday morning. I’d arrived a little early, partly because I didn’t want to miss my train and partly because I’d finished my breakfast by eight. It gave me a chance to walk it off.

I was standing on platform two, along with another man who had some timetables set out on the bench behind him. I thought he was a train spotter.

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Economics · Reality

The Austerity Craze.

Austerity doesn't work, that doesn't mean people can't believe that it does.
There are people who truly believe austerity works. This post examines why they hold this illusion.

It is hard to understand why intelligent people think austerity can work, but the fact remains that they do. They believe that if a government spends less, that government will have more money. This is directly related to the phenomenon of ‘Purchase Money’ where an individual sees their income as their property. This was clearly demonstrated in my post about the fraudster Jan; he could not perceive the difference between money that had been entrusted to him and money that was his by way of genuine income. (1) The result was that he wasn’t able to handle his business affairs correctly.

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Emotional Intelligence · Mind The Gap!

The Devil Behind The Curtain.

Instructions on how to do a blind hem. Do this with velvet curtains and you will have a lot less hair than you did when you started 😉

I’m sure there is a demon in it! There has to be. Logically, the process simply cannot work. Now I’ve been making some curtains, and they need a blind hem.Which isn’t hard, but just doing it is one thing.

You see, it was as I was waiting for a train yesterday evening that I tried to imagine the blind hem in my mind. The curls of spaghetti representing the cross-section of the folded cloth were far from biddable. I could tie a knot in the lines with more ease than I could work out how to get that one stitch that is all but invisible on the front of the curtain, the visible side.

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Economics · Modern Times

An Odd Kind Of Inflation.

O 606 A wheelwright's tools
The tools of a highly skilled craftsman: the wheelwright.

We all know what inflation is. It’s where the money we spend buys a little less each year. In a relatively healthy economy, it’ll be around 2%, year on year. There are various things that influence it, not the least of which is how it is actually calculated!

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