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Rudolf Steiner’s Bio-Dynamic Preparations.

For me, the most important element of the work of Rudolf Steiner was his work with agriculture. He rarely spoke of it himself, albeit there are various tales of him conversing with the farmers he met. One of these was cutting his hay and being unimpressed by finely dressed city folk, told Rudolf Steiner to get lost because he knew nothing about farming. Steiner took of his coat and asked if he could take the scythe and continued the farmer’s work with as much energy and dexerity as the farmer himself. In meeting the backward, intellectual soul, it is for the higher soul to break the ice, to establish contact.

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JMW Turner: “Colour Beginning”.

Colour Beginnings by JMW Tuner, 1820. Turner Bequest, Tate Gallery, London.
Colour Beginnings by JMW Tuner, 1820.
Turner Bequest, Tate Gallery, London.

Colour Beginning’ is hardly one of Turner’s finer works. It is a view of what most people think to be the depiction of a beach scene. The painting – such as it isn’t – is merely blue and brown. Natural enough for the casual observer to think of it as a beach scene.

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Modern Times · Reality

Russia Wants War.

fb-406-russia_wants_war_look_how_closely_they_put_country_to_our_military_basesIt is rare for me to speak of outward events in a post, this will remain a rarity. I prefer speaking about specific cases where a general rule is demonstrated. This is no exception to this, only that it is more vague.

We all know from reading the newspapers and watching the TV that Russia was directly involved in the Ukraine and shot down MH17 with a missile. We now know that Russia is an aggressive military state with a Second Saddam Hussain in charge.

But this is what we know from the media. Much more important is that Americans and Europeans believe what they see and read, what’s more, they are more than happy to do believe it.

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