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Russia Wants War.

fb-406-russia_wants_war_look_how_closely_they_put_country_to_our_military_basesIt is rare for me to speak of outward events in a post, this will remain a rarity. I prefer speaking about specific cases where a general rule is demonstrated. This is no exception to this, only that it is more vague.

We all know from reading the newspapers and watching the TV that Russia was directly involved in the Ukraine and shot down MH17 with a missile. We now know that Russia is an aggressive military state with a Second Saddam Hussain in charge.

But this is what we know from the media. Much more important is that Americans and Europeans believe what they see and read, what’s more, they are more than happy to do believe it.

There is the very reasonable assumption that the world cannot be otherwise. Reality really is reality, and newspapers are there to inform us of this reality. However, if we came to see this as our reality before we had any choice to see it in any other way, how then, is one to begin to imagine it being any different? Our whole lives have been tailored to fit the world the newspapers describe.

An Iniernational Relations Manager, alone in his room.
An Iniernational Relations Manager, alone in his room.

If you’ve spent your life becoming a particle physicist, what else is there but particle physics? After all, Einstein proved the existence of atoms, didn’t he? (1) More dangerous still are the International Relations Managers (2) who understand enough school-level physics to believe in atoms without the intellectual training to understand them. But then, these International Relations Managers are the kind of people, who when they become bosses know that their business will get better when the economy improves. In short: they know that they are right. The reality is that they couldn’t be more wrong.

Because the reality of the world is not what we are being told. Much as we want it to be, the realities are very different. The boss who is waiting for things to improve assumes that because they always have, they always will. Meanwhile he does nothing, and in doing nothing, does nothing to improve the economy he depends on. Rudolf Steiner was very clear on this issue: how can one behold what one is immersed in? In precisely the way that we are immersed in the economy to which we add value.

The entire point of Rudolf Steiner’s concept of ‘Threefolding’ was that we become conscious of the formative forces that surround us, in order that we might tailor them for the better. Rather than be immersed in the river they form and think its swirling is ‘normality’. Those businesses that entertain even modest amounts of Rudolf Steiner’s ideas are those businesses that are seeing their profits grow steadily. Mention this to any standard businessman and you will get the deflection “I’ve been in business for decades and I know what I am doing”.

Despite their profits having been eroded for the past decade because they didn’t know how to deal with the problem. They didn’t need to: they’ve seen it before and it’s always gotten better. Furthermore, anything I might say makes no difference: I am not their accepted authority.


These businesspeople have chosen their authorities, and have chosen them mainly on the basis that they like what they hear (3). And these very authorities will tell them what they want to hear, mainly because they believe it, and have seen the results: pleased businessmen. After all, these authorities can make a lot of money by pleasing businessmen, simply by telling them that they are right.

This might seem like a distraction in itself, but the above should speak of the ‘circularity’ of the argument these people use. In this case, businessmen proving that they are right. They can prove that they are right because they still have a business. When the business folds, they will be able to distract you from the reality of the situation and they will blame economic circumstances instead.

And not their own inability to deal with the reality of business.(4)

Can you see how easy it is to slip into this mode of thinking? How comfortable it is?

My dollies. Enough to frighten anybody, aren't they? How many artists have one of these figures? But if you don't know... ... your imagination is let loose.
My dollies. Enough to frighten anybody, aren’t they? How many artists have one of these figures?
But if you don’t know…
… your imagination is let loose.

Because the problem we face today is that the US military have made similar errors in their thinking. Buoyed up by the fact that they crushed Iraq, they are now looking at their main threat: Russia. In a direct parallel to Milena who was so frightened on seeing my dollies that it could only mean that I was a witch (5), the Americans have convinced themselves that Russia is an aggressor. Milena saw her own fears portrayed in those two little dollies and it could only mean one thing: that it was I who was evil. After all, Milena couldn’t be wrong, could she?

Just as America cannot be wrong.

The pity is that the Americans see their own fears expressed in the things Russia does. The Americans have no need to think about this because it is written all over the things the Russians do. If the Russians move one tank, one military unit, it means they are preparing for war. What’s worse is that the Americans can tell each other that it really is true! After all, Americans have been right for so long, how can it be any different?

Which is a little like the boss saying he’s right because he still has a business. Irrespective of the fact that year after year, his profits have been hammered.

The most dangerous thing is that America lacks the capacity to listen to those who tell the truth.

“We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’s only you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore.” (6)

[Own emphasis].

That is what Putin has been saying. If you have read the above and understood it, you will know why Putin has a problem speaking to his equivalent of my deaf businessman.

Our problem is that America wants war, and when America wants something, they usually get it. The results might not be what they expect, but that is discussed on my private blog. To anybody who is interested, let me know and I will send you a pdf transcript – which contains the esoteric language that so many people fear in our day and age, for all it being the reality we all have to face.


Notes and References:

(Please note that my attempt to add on-page links are removed by WordPress software in an attempt to show their kindness to my readers. They do this by making life a little harder because you cannot click on the number and arrive at its corresponding footnote. I will speak of this kind of anti-economic behaviour in a forthcoming post about the brain-dead intellectual and their approach to business).

(1) Only imagine if reality was a little different and atoms didn’t exist? What then? The world would look no different because something you cannot see no longer exists… a house is still a house because it’s made of bricks. That those bricks might oe might not contain atoms doesn’t make them any less a brick or the house any less a house. It only means that our assumptions about atoms are incorrect. It doesn’t change the reality we live in, it does change our thinking. You can read more here: The Invisible Science, And The Imaginary.

(2) You can meet my International Relations Manager in the link “The Invisible Science, And The Imaginary”.

(3) Meeting A Successful Businessman.

(4) How To Do Work With American Businessmen.

(5) The situation is described in detail in Milena Sees Witchcraft Everywhere.

(6) Quote from Global Research.



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