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The Value Of Money.

Money, Described As A System.

The Secret Of Systems, Part 4.

Money has always been a puzzling phenomenon, not surprisingly as it has many features that are truly paradoxical. The first is that something all but worthless – a piece of printed paper, for example – has a value attributed to it. Indeed, Rudolf Steiner in his series of lectures entitled ‘World Economy’, speaks of how in our modern age, what we use as money should actually have no intrinsic value at all.

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Beyond Newton

A Horn Silica Rainbow.

A Different View Of What Newton Beheld.

Beyond Newton, Part 5.

The rainbow is complete to our eye, not individual rainbows
A rainbow formed in the mist of sprayed horn-silica, early this morning .

I was out again this morning at the crack of dawn. Actually, a little earlier, because Rudolf Steiner spoke of how the horn silica preparation was best sprayed when the sun is rising. Naturally in the summer, this means crawling out of bed at ungodly hours. Well that’s how it felt this morning, yesterday I all but sprang out of bed, and did so long before my alarm went off. Anyway, by the time the sun was good and bright, I had spent a full hour stirring a small pot of water. With a minuscule amount of horn-silica powder in it.

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Stirring The Horn Silica Preparation

A Subjective Look At Time.

Beyond Newton, Part 4.

Everything is ready to start stirring. Most importantly, there is tea. It's summer, and the best time to stir horn-silica is at dawn. The time is 5:30 am.
Everything is ready to start stirring. Most importantly, there is tea.

The part dealing with the subjective nature of time is below, under the subheading ‘Is Time The Same For All Of Us?’ click here. This will work for as long as it takes WordPress to remove my in-post links; WordPress are nice to my readers. (NOT).

Original post:

The horn silica preparation that is used in Bio-Dynamics, the toughest of all the organic certifications, was first described by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Horn manure had been used for centuries, if not longer. The essence of the two preparations is that they were put into a cow’s horn and buried for a certain amount of time. There were other conditions too, but suffice it to say that after that time, they had been transformed by the same processes that help plants grow.

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Graffiti Island.

Why Graffiti Artists Want Anonymity.

Dutch trains are blue and yellow. Garish, bright and hard to miss. Otherwise the Dutch wouldn't be able to see them.
Dutch trains are blue and yellow. Garish, bright and hard to miss. Otherwise the Dutch wouldn’t be able to see them.

The trains here in Holland are a garish yellow and blue, for me, their livery is like graffiti without further adornment. They’re not exactly pretty, but then, if they were any more subdued – in the manner of a German train that is grey with a thin red stripe – the dull wits of the average Dutchman wouldn’t be able to discern the train from the platform. Things have to be blindingly obvious to those who lack perceptive abilities.

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All Hard Drives Look Alike.

They Are Not All The Same Value.

Equipment is always getting cheaper. The stuff stored on it isn't.
A 10mb disc drive really did cost this much money in the 1970s.
Your data remains valuable, irrespective of what you paid for the equipment.

Buried somewhere under four feet of mud and rubbish, in the Docksway landfill site near Newport, Wales, in a space about the size of a football pitch is a computer hard drive worth more than £4m.
It belonged to James Howells, who threw it out when he was clearing up his desk in mid-summer and discovered the part, rescued from a defunct Dell laptop. He found it in a drawer and put it in a bin.
And then last Friday he realised that it held a digital wallet with 7,500 Bitcoins created for almost nothing in 2009 – and then worth about the same.

The Guardian 27 Nov. 2013

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Egon Schiele: What Was He Thinking?

Egon Schiele's portrait of Edith, who he married in 1915.
Egon Schiele’s portrait of Edith, who he married in 1915.
Gemeentemuseum den Haag.

In 1915 Egon Schiele married a respectable middle-class girl called Edith Harms. Shortly after the wedding, he reported for military service. Schiele’s usual treatment of women he painted was to have them in semi-erotic poses. But here, he painted Edith as if she were a child’s doll. Fully clothed and without any gesture that suggests she has any life: he has depicted her as if she were only a doll with a porcelain face and hands. In being heavier than the cotton of the soft body of a doll, the porcelain hands have stretched her arms. Her feet have no floor, she is a doll that can be picked up and hung on the wall from a nail without any more ado.

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Art · Creativity

Gustav Klimt: Two Dimensional Gold.

The Biblical Judith As Predator, Not Vixen.

Gustav Klimt depicts Judith surrounded by gold leaf. It was eye catching.
Gustav Klimt created this remarkable image in 1901. It shows Judith surrounded by gold like a Byzantine icon. (Click image for larger rendition).

Vienna is a big place with big museums. Was it so surprising that I should overlook Klimt’s work when blown away by Raphael’s ‘Madonna in the Fields’? Well, I did. So when the Gemeentemuseum in the Hague had an exhibition dedicated to Gustav Klimt and his close friend Egon Schiele. There was only one thing I could do: I hopped on a train and went to see it.

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How Can Lidl Be So Cheap?

The Secrets Of Systems, Part 1

Strip out the quality and make it cheaper. That's the supermarket
If you can’t taste the difference, what’s to choose?

There’s an old marketing adage, and it goes something like this: “Consumers don’t want choice, they want what they want.” Put the other way, someone coming into a shop wants to buy something, and doesn’t want any hassle when it comes to buying it.

Discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have been named the world’s top brands for giving customers a simple, clear and hassle-free shopping experience.

Daily Telegraph

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Experiencing Time First Hand.

freeway-autobahn-a3-regensburg-linzThis was written as a Christmas gift for a friend in the United States who is a highly respected businessman, yet has the inner confidence to drive a secondhand Toyota. He’s a real businessman, who knows what value is, and literally knows how much every cent earns him. Nor is he worried how others perceive him. When I’ve spoken of practical threefolding, I have used his business principles as examples on no few occasions.

With especial thanks to my friend who dug this out of the depths of the Anthroposophical Group on Facebook.

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