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Experiencing Time First Hand.

freeway-autobahn-a3-regensburg-linzThis was written as a Christmas gift for a friend in the United States who is a highly respected businessman, yet has the inner confidence to drive a secondhand Toyota. He’s a real businessman, who knows what value is, and literally knows how much every cent earns him. Nor is he worried how others perceive him. When I’ve spoken of practical threefolding, I have used his business principles as examples on no few occasions.

With especial thanks to my friend who dug this out of the depths of the Anthroposophical Group on Facebook.

Thinking, Feeling and Willing.

I’d like to invite you to travel into a different realm of the tactical triangle (1). Only we have to get there first, so I’ll hold the door open for you and you sit yourself in the comfortable interior of a German made car. As you close the door there’s that satisfying clunk that only comes with quality. The dashboard’s bigger than your Toyota, your mind wondering if it’s as cheap and easy to maintain. There’s no doubt about the fuel efficiency. And yes, I know which you’d prefer, but this is our imagination, okay, so anything goes. What’s more, you’re my guest on this occasion and it’s what I arrived in.

Sitting myself next to you in the passenger seat, you see me turn to you as my own door clumps shut. “Would you be as kind as to drive to the freeway?” Spoken with that quiet English accent. You start the engine and pull out into the avenue, see the trees glide by. Streets that are familiar to you and as foreign to me as Bucharest. At the junction, eyeing up the traffic, you turn across to the left. Not only do you know your way, you’re a careful driver. Two reasons to let you drive. I’m only a careful driver.

Steiner thinking-feeling-willing in colour
The colours Rudolf Steiner used have as much meaning as the words he used to describe the three distinct phenomena of thinking, feeling and willing. (2)

With the signs above us, you turn onto the sliproad and we glide out onto the wide expanse of the interstate. Indicating into the middle lane to avoid a lumbering lorry, see the black paint and chrome pipes fall slowly behind us. They do look strange when you’re used to the modest European things that are just boxes on wheels. And now with the road open before us, we really pick up speed and our backs sink into the leather. A board with strange names sails by over our heads, low on the horizon the sun an evening red. Intensity turned magnificent through the darkening of the atmosphere. I notice the clock, it’s reading well over 200 km/h. Pretty normal for the outside lane.

The highway narrows, someone pulls out. No indicators! We’re reigned in by our seatbelts, your reaction is as instant as his error. I sigh: a yellow licence plate. It can mean only one thing, a Dutchman. What do the Germans say about the letters ‘NL’? ‘Never Learn’. But then, the Dutch simply aren’t used to vehicles that drive twice as fast as in their little country. Their judgments are merely assumptions about what ought to happen.

The Nature Of Time.

Those of you who read my story about the motorcar will have experienced in an imaginative way the things I wish to discuss now. This is in the form of a lecture, but it has the intention of starting another free-for-all, so observations are welcome! I will add that this is something that I uncovered for myself, and only later discovered that Steiner spoke of it in a far deeper way. You can imagine my eyes popping!
The essence of the story about Mercedes motorcars that I told has to do with the threefold nature of time:
1) The Realm of Thinking: That speed is something we have to notice, that is to say, perceive. If you don’t perceive it, it’s not there because like thoughts, you can’t feel their presence (and so you won’t miss their absence!) Speed is proportional to time – and like speed, time is something one must be conscious of.
2) The Realm of Feeling: That acceleration is something you feel. Acceleration is proportional to the square of time (that is to say, time multiplied by itself). Mathematicians play with time as though one can measure it with a stick – yet even with clocks, time can play some very strange tricks. Being conscious of what these are does help a little. The essence of time squared is that it is an inner experience, the realm of feelings.
3) The Realm of the Will: That impulse is below our threshold of consciousness. This has to do with time cubed (multiplied by itself three times over). Whilst impulse is an important part of mechanics, and thus the eighth sphere, it is also something that we are largely unaware of.


In short, we have thinking, feeling and willing expressed in mathematical terms by means of time, just as the Tactical Triangle represents another (1). I told this story to a scientist of my acquaintance, and he said “That’s a nice analogy”. Well, he would, wouldn’t he?
This is what Steiner says about time, and is taken from his Third Scientific Lecture course given in the January of 1921. I make no apologies to Florian Sydow for quoting Steiner, as here Steiner explains something that I had arrived at quite independently. Anthroposophy springs from the human after all.
“But now take the matter actively and livingly. Do not set before yourself the dead product ‘force of gravity’ — ‘the forces of attraction decrease with the squares of the distances’, — but take what is living still in Kepler’s form, the squares of the periods of time. Fill out the caput mortum of the Newtonian force of attraction, which is a mere external concept, with what is implied in the square of the period of time, and you will fill with inner life of the Newtonian concept, which is really the corpse of an idea!
“For inner life has to do with time.
“And here you have before you not only time in its simple course, you have time squared — time to the second power! We shall yet have to come back to what it means to speak of ‘time squared’ But you can realize that to speak of time to the second power is to speak or something of an inward nature. It is, indeed, time which in the life of man actually represents the course of his inner soul-life. The point is that we should look right through it dead concept of the Newtonian force of attraction to that which suddenly darts into the center, bringing time into it and therewith bringing in an element of inner life.” (3)

The Truth And Modern Science.

Only Steiner never did return to the topic of ‘time squared’ and its meaning. This series, “Beyond Newton” will explore the outward phenomena further.Some posts will be private: the time for speaking openly has now closed, too many prefer illusion to reality.
These phenomena are there for all to experience, even those who say that they are “a nice analogy,” will have experienced them. It is more a matter of whether the person has the courage to accept their experiences as being real. This is a very real problem for modern science, a science based on what scientists want – rather than the challenge of reality.
The problem for modern science is that reality is real. Today’s scientists employ huge amounts of intellectual and electrical power to force their view on the world. A world that would unfold for them like a flower, were they only to sit down and patiently look.


Letting The Lizard Drive.

The Lizard Looks After The Details Whilst You Enjoy Driving.

You’re driving your car. You see the sign for Regensburg and know there aren’t any speed limits on this stretch of the A3. You think “yahoo!” and your car shoots down the road. Just like that. You didn’t even notice the movement of your foot.

You don’t think “I need to press this pedal with my right foot to adjust the valve that allows more fuel into the injectors that makes the engine pull more power now that I’m on the Autobahn”.

All that happens is that you think and it moves.

Read More, click Here.


Biting Criticism.

You see when I am writing something, I can’t make a mistake. It is art, after all! Yet, on occasion I get responses from readers that point to annoying details of the P 504i Military_dog_barkingstory that I wrote. It is the kind of thing that shows that they have not read the whole story and have just picked at whatever they saw as an easy target. There there was some confusion that led to it being hard to follow or some such rubbish. Now isn’t it quite natural that I should take this with affront? After all, there is good reason: such a critic is acting in a manner that is both offensive and unkind.

Read more…



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(1) The so-called ‘Tactical Triangle’ is another specific application thinking, feeling and willing this time applied to the world of business. Well, business is about humans, and humans are about thinking, feeling and willing. What makes the Tactical Triangle so powerful is that it recognizes the client: most business consultants stick to speaking of the realms of the business itself – but not the people who need it. Because it is the customer who has the power to change a business, not the business owner.

(2) Rudolf Steiner describes the phenomenon in his lecture Psychoanalysis In The Light Of Anthroposophy. It is the same lecture as quoted at the bottom of the image.

(3) The Astronomy Course.

The Astronomy Course was the third of Rudolf Steiner’s scientific lecture courses, which were – and still are – groundbreaking. They go well beyond the static Newtonian ideas that are so comforting to the modern mind, but that is the problem. Rudolf Steiner’s concepts challenge our modern way of thinking. Indeed, they challenge the way a modern Anthroposophist thinks. In a way, the modern scientist – like the modern Anthroposohpist – is like the Dutch motorist who knows of nothing faster than 120km/h. And since he only ever drives in Holland, has no experience of anything else.


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Please note that privately published posts are available to trusted friends without cost. The content is not intended for the general public and is restricted to those who can demonstrate that they understand the nature – and implications of – Rudolf Steiner’s scientific thinking. It is not for the unready.

In certain circumstances, pdfs of these posts are available on request; you may do so by leaving a comment. This will tell me if you can grasp the nature of the post you are enquiring about. The comment itself can be left unmoderated or deleted if requested.


4 thoughts on “Experiencing Time First Hand.

  1. I am wondering about the phenomena many people experience when they go into shock – “everything was in slow motion” … time slowed down… what do you think is happening with the thinking, feeling and will in these instances?


    1. The problem with shock is that it is not a normal state of being, is it? If one is in shock – meeting one’s inner guardian can be described as a shock, the actual meeting may take a bare few seconds, but it feels like it is half an hour!

      My point is that the astral – the workings of which are beyond my public blog – is not the material world we are used to. I want to add that the time distortions you speak of are as yet beyond my own conscious, imaginative – or, for that matter, intellectual – grasp.

      Suffice it to say that when in shock, our consciousness becomes enveloped by the realm beyond the threshold and the usual material ‘ticking of time’ has no meaning any more. The most important thing to establish is the nature of the process involved, for whilst this can be described in words, the thinking itself is beyond the capacity of the intellect to comprehend. Albeit that when comprehended by the imaginative thinking, the intellect can then grasp individual demostrations of that process.

      Individual instances of the various processes that I do understand are dealt with on this blog under the heading “Mind The Gap!”

      [One administrative note is that your comments will now be moderated automatically].


      1. Thank you Gemma.
        Comments on my blog are only moderated when a new person comments. After I ‘approve’ any following comments go straight on to my website. I enjoyed reading yours yesterday on my lazure blog when I was painting in Wembley yesterday.


        1. Thanks, Gary.

          Painting? I’ve been there, done that, got the teeshirt.

          Then when it was too old it was used for work, so I wiped of the paint spots… and then tore it up for rags when it was worn out.

          Liked by 1 person

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