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Celebrating The Centenary Of Entering WW1.

April 6th 1917 was the day America entered WW1. That was celebrated by the US military with a show of power in the Middle East. An act that shocked me to the core, and believe me, it takes a lot to shock me. Persistent online trolling has not only taught me much, it has given me a thick skin to the ignorant of our world. What it cannot do, however, is give me a skin thick enough to survive an exploding cruise missile.

Because that is what America did this morning when it aided their troops in Syria. The Americans destroyed an important airbase which was subsequently stormed by ISIS. (Click here for more.)

A friend of mine posted a comment with a link to an article by Paul Craig Roberts, which had an analysis of the state of play in Syria. Much of what follows will be an expansion of what he writes. You can find the post by clicking here.

Has Trump Surrendered?

The simple answer is that he never surrendered, but his go-to man to subdue the Pentagon was ousted in the kind of coup the Americans are famous for. That is to say, a coup through their media using fake news. And yes, I know that my article on fake news is still waiting to be written; well perhaps now is the time. Suffice it to say that General Flynn had no defences against this, but then, who has defences against something that is both imaginary – the news of his use of an unencrypted telephone line? And all powerful? That is to say, the American media?

Well, the Pentagon certainly flexed its muscles and Flynn was out of office the same day. The self same week they ran up a flag to celebrate their victory by demanding Trump’s administration increase their funding. The very thing that Trump wanted to control.

People who have power – have enough power, that is – can express this through demanding things that are illegal. They can do things that are illegal with impunity. It’s like the European Union, which has enough power to act against the very laws it imposes on its vassal states. That is to say, EU accountancy regulations. The Pentagon and its ugly brother, the CIA, both have such power in their hands. They both misuse it to their own ends.

Baiting The Bear.

This was an illegal act, and one that was intended to provoke Russia. Baiting the bear has been the US military’s modus operandi since the 1950s. However, there were easier targets for the US to placate their sexual urges with aggression. Today’s problem is that they have crushed so many countries that they’re either under the hegemony of the US state or they’re siding with Russia.

When force is applied with enough persistence, it inevitably leads to a ‘yes-no’ decision. Either you bow under the pressure of the force or you escape from under it. As Paul Craig Roberts says, “Cooperation with Washington” has only one meaning. It means surrender to Washington. Well, either you surrender or you get out, and with nobody else to go to, that means siding with Russia. There are no more choices to make. And in this instance, China is close enough to Russia to be considered on their side. They certainly aren’t on the American side.

Power has corrupted, but only those it can corrupt. Nor is it good for business or anything else: power has an insidious side to it, in that it allows an individual to imagine they are correct. The results will speak for themselves and anything else will be ‘wrong’ in one way or the other. Either (as is most common) the troll will say that your facts are lies. Well, that’s easy to say and harder to prove. Facts by their very nature are easy to establish and easier to deny. Here again we have the ‘yes/no’ that comes with a mind that has run out of road.

America has run out of road.

Healing America.

The American government, as we know, has a staggering debt. It runs to the tune of some $20 trillion dollars. If you look at this in terms of the real world, this isn’t such a big deal: America has a GDP of some $15 trillion. Should they be asking for a mortgage, they would, on the basis of their income, get an offer of $60 trillion.

Thus, their debt isn’t the problem.

But America still has a problem, and it is that they are not able to balance their books. It’s like the archetypal American family (or British one, come to that) who are borrowing money just to make ends meet: they aren’t earning enough to pay their rent, buy enough food, watch the telly and drive their cars. I’ve been in this position and it is not a happy one. I did what any courageous soul would do, I got out.

Sometimes it takes courage to make a ‘yes/no’ decision.

The problem for the US government is that it is in this position too. There is a simple solution, and that is to tax its corporations. The US government deficit isn’t large by any means, but it is in the danger zone. Britain’s is easily twice that amount – and they are well beyond the point of no return. The problem for the US government is that their corporations are powerful enough to tell the government what to do. Since a corporation is only interested in money, that means they want fewer taxes… or a tax regime that allows them to fiddle their accounts. Either way, they’re richer and the US government is poorer.

The US cannot fix its problems! It has been boxed into this position for decades now, albeit that it is only now that the problems are coming to light. But then, problems are most easy to solve when they’re not problems at all… which is the success that Germany has had. That takes intelligence and it takes courage; the European Union has neither and so only acts after the fact. That again is for one of my many upcoming posts to explore.

The US Cannot Ignore Its Problems.

But it can hide them. In the way the British media had muted headlines about the level of their debt in 2015. The very next day they blared headlines that everybody in Britain would want to read: the Eurozone is in trouble and Greece is at the heart of it.

In short, divert attention from the real problems and you can get away with doing nothing for a few weeks. A few months if you’re lucky – and if you have enough power (not forgetting mendacity, which arises out of intelligence that has no courage to sustain it) – a few decades.

Which is why the American media needs things to say. The American military is the other side of the pincer movement in that it can give the media all it needs. Well, it can, once the media has said something to trigger an American response. The incident in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 is one example of this; another is the incident with chemical weapons in Idlib province in Syria.

I want to remind you that if the Syrian government had used chemical weapons the Washington Post would need a double spread for the headline alone.

That it elicits a few minor headlines and a modest response only demonstrates that this was fake news. Now at least you know what to look out for when you’re reading fake news: it will always be underplayed. It takes courage to do something, and courage in and of itself arises from an understanding of reality. You don’t need to bother with the realities if you’ve got the power – but it does mean that the powerful will demonstrate their weakness.

Russia’s Response.

As yet Russia has made no response. That doesn’t mean it won’t, in any case, it’s unlikely that you’ll hear anything of it in the mainstream news.

So let’s look at what they, the Russians, did on the last occasion the Americans behaved badly. This was during the US-Russia peace talks in Geneva. The Pentagon rustled up a raid on the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor. The effect was immediate: the peace talks broke up. Understand that diplomacy trumps military action – but military action can neuter diplomacy through force. However, it must be understood that diplomacy can win wars where military action only prolongs them.

diplomacy can win wars where military action only prolongs them
This number of bullets implies a stiff resistance with as stiff an opposition.

No war was won without capitulation; the Neues Museum in the centre of Berlin has the bullet holes to this day that speak of the Germans unwillingness to surrender. Eventually the military force of the US and its allies made the Germans enter into an agreement to surrender. Again, this will be explored in more detail in an upcoming post about Nixon’s role in Linebacker 2.

Russia’s response to the attack on Deir Ezzor was as calculated and effective as any military operation has ever been. Two or three tiny little vessels barely bigger than a fishing boat loosed off three cruise missiles. Several hours later the NATO command centre in Aleppo province was destroyed, taking all personnel with it. Several months later the terrorists in the city of Aleppo capitulated. They either signed declarations that they would fight no more, or were bussed off to Idlib to lick their wounds and infect other terrorists with their despondency.

Naturally this wasn’t in the news. Even the Russian news. Which is important: the Russians have to behave. Anything they do will be flagged up in the US media in big red headlines that are pre-prepared for the purpose.

Russian Diplomacy.

Paul Craig Roberts speaks of the ‘mistakes’ Russia has made in Syria. After the Russians had cleared the air in 2015, they went home. This was their mistake. It has to be understood that Russia can do nothing else save make mistakes. They either make mistakes of this kind or America declares World War Three.

America is gagging for WW3. They’ve been straining at the leash since they took out Iraq. Some day that leash will snap under the pressure of a military that has turned feral.

The American media is speaking of Russia’s build-up to invade the Ukraine. All I can say to this is that it’s utter nonsense. If Russia were doing this, the American media would be shitting itself with glee and the resulting brown stains would be all over the place. On the other hand, America can have exercises on the Russian border and Russia can do absolutely nothing about it. If Russia even raises a military finger they will be lambasted from here to Buenos Aires.

No, that’s wrong. They won’t be lambasted, they will be slandered. What the American media has done in accusing Assad of using chemical weapons is nothing short of libel. But the Media is powerful than any international court.

And knows it.

But then, the headlines were mere headlines, they were not issued with the confidence that comes with knowing what actually happened. Not that the media care about this kind of thing, they publish what they do because they actually believe it. And those telling them to do it believe it all, too. The truly evil people who pull the strings know it’s a lie. But I assure you, anyone who practices evil does so because in one way or another, they’ve misconstrued the truth.

It’s how countries like America destroy themselves, and will destroy others in the belief that it helps. But that is only to misconstrue the truth.

America’s Problem.

America is a very long way from Russia. Their supply lines will be long and fragile, and with a serious deficit in military technology, they will find their units in Russia going hungry. It doesn’t matter how many missiles you have if the operators are thinking of their next steak dinner instead of the job they’re supposed to be doing. Our imagination is a very powerful tool, and can be swamped by things that are more pressing. Like when they haven’t had a dinner of any kind for three days, and all they can think of is a steak – instead of the dot on their radar screen.

Of course there is the nuclear option. America can, and probably will push the red button. Their problem is that their missile submarines may well be on the seabed by that time, and their land based missiles are seriously out of date.

That is when everything starts pointing back at them.


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    1. Morning Robb, and thanks for the comment and the reblog.

      I’m not so sure about the ‘well written’ bit because it was an unedited. There are times one has to express oneself or explode… Now if America could do a little inner exploding, it might mean they didn’t have to blow everybody else up.


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