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A Sidways Look At The Carillion Debacle.

It’s world news now: the magisterial beast of the British construction industry, Carillion, is dead. Only it is no living thing, there is no successor in the way we used to say, “The king is dead, long live the king.” With this death, there are only more problems to uncover, not solutions.

Carillion worked primarily in the construction industry, and having run a business that was part of this charade, I know one or two things about it that few financiers would. As usual, these are the more obvious elements of the job – and it is always the more obvious things that are the easiest to overlook.

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Sitting To Table.

Robert Therrien “No Title,” 2003; A Table And Four Chairs.

It is a monumental piece of work that is as sombre as it is large
Robert Therrien’s ‘Table And Four Chairs’ is huge. It doesn’t really make you think of anything save that it is, well, big.
Courtesy of ARTIST ROOMS: Tate and National Gallery Of Scotland.

I was back at the Pont gallery last week, and as before, had a ball with its 25 year retrospective. It wasn’t a ball because of the installations or the artwork, but because of the company I found there.

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