Beyond Newton, Modern Times

Beyond Length Times Breadth

We all know from our earliest days in school that to find the area of a rectangle is to multiply its length by its breadth. The formula usually looks something like this:

A = L x B

The ‘x’ in this case being used to describe the operation ‘multiply’ – that is to say, timesing. This is not a post on the intricacies of number theory.

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Beyond Newton, Creativity

Overthinking.. overthinking.. overthinking

There are so few people who truly ‘get’ what thinking is. There are many people with whom I enjoy sharing comments; it is a very rare person who truly understands the nature of thinking.

Now it is true that this young lady hasn’t lassooed her own thinking yet, but the power is there, waiting to flower. Few people know that they can wield their power of thought – not just the thoughts themselves. This is what is demonstrated in the post linked to here.

She has looked into her own thoughts and considered them. This is a process so distant from ordinary thinking that the power of words ceases to have meaning. Yet, there she is, young Alex, forming concepts that to me have real meaning. Thoughts that I could never have expressed myself.


I am including this in my series ‘Beyond Newton’ because it shows what is happening when a scientist delves below the surface of consciousness – but thinks they are dealing with reality. When in fact, they are only dealing with their own powers of thought. Inside them. But that is the paradox of the subconscious.

My gift to Alex is to realize the power of reality; her gift to me will be what she does with it.


Source: Overthinking.. overthinking.. overthinking

Beyond Newton, Reality

Squaring The Circle.

Beyond Newton, Part 12.

the details of the jam jar’s design. There will have been a very great deal of humming and haa’ing over the details, and calculations involving ‘π’ the Greek letter commonly used to express this ratio will have been used continually

From the side, from the weight, there is no way to tell the accuracy to which the dimensions were calculated.
It doesn’t matter if you’re only buying on price…
… or because it’s a statement.

Note: this is about mathematics. It is not intended to tax you in the way school demanded of you.

We’re taught at school about the ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference. Roll a plate on its side and having marked a point on its perimeter, the length it travels by the time it reaches that point again is around 3.14; actually it’s a fraction more. But with a dinner plate of 30cms diameter the difference would be a little over half a millimetre. Not enough for any serious schoolchild to worry about. “A little over three” would suffice here.

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Beyond Newton

How To Count Water.

Beyond Newton, Part 9.

Water isn’t so easy to count. Or, for that matter, any liquid. If we fill our motorcars with fuel, we see the numbers whirl and the dollars stack up. Yet the measure of liquid, be it measured in gallons or litres are entirely man-made.

Liquids in and of themselves have no size or limit, they just flow off the table when you spill the glass. If one glass of beer isn’t enough for you, you order another: the quantity is irrelevant, that you are drunk enough to be satisfied is relevant. Or your thirst has been sated.

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Beyond Newton, Emotional Intelligence

Newton’s Rainbow.

From our science lessons at school and with reminders just about everywhere, there’s little escape from the truth that Newton demonstrated. Today’s post is going to look at Newton’s spectrum from a slightly different angle,

An iconic image: white light split into the spectrum.
And there are people who believe this to be true!

Beyond Newton, Part 7.

It’s an iconic image, one that is displayed on one of the most famous album cover of all time to coffee mugs to, well, just about anything. It’s the image of a ray of white light being directed through a prism with the result that we can see the spectrum. A rainbow by any other name.

From our science lessons at school and with reminders just about everywhere, there’s little escape from the truth that Newton demonstrated. Today’s post is going to look at Newton’s spectrum from a slightly different angle, one that impinges on the whole of accepted science. Because I don’t want to look at the spectrum itself, but why scientists accept it as the truth in the face of Goethe’s scientific revelations.

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Beyond Newton

A Horn Silica Rainbow.

A Different View Of What Newton Beheld.

Beyond Newton, Part 5.

The rainbow is complete to our eye, not individual rainbows

A rainbow formed in the mist of sprayed horn-silica, early this morning .

I was out again this morning at the crack of dawn. Actually, a little earlier, because Rudolf Steiner spoke of how the horn silica preparation was best sprayed when the sun is rising. Naturally in the summer, this means crawling out of bed at ungodly hours. Well that’s how it felt this morning, yesterday I all but sprang out of bed, and did so long before my alarm went off. Anyway, by the time the sun was good and bright, I had spent a full hour stirring a small pot of water. With a minuscule amount of horn-silica powder in it.

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Beyond Newton, Mind The Gap!

Stirring The Horn Silica Preparation

A Subjective Look At Time.

Beyond Newton, Part 4.

Everything is ready to start stirring. Most importantly, there is tea. It's summer, and the best time to stir horn-silica is at dawn. The time is 5:30 am.

Everything is ready to start stirring. Most importantly, there is tea.

The part dealing with the subjective nature of time is below, under the subheading ‘Is Time The Same For All Of Us?’ click here. This will work for as long as it takes WordPress to remove my in-post links; WordPress are nice to my readers. (NOT).

Original post:

The horn silica preparation that is used in Bio-Dynamics, the toughest of all the organic certifications, was first described by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Horn manure had been used for centuries, if not longer. The essence of the two preparations is that they were put into a cow’s horn and buried for a certain amount of time. There were other conditions too, but suffice it to say that after that time, they had been transformed by the same processes that help plants grow.

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