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Guest Post from Alex, blogging at MQ.

MQ is a new charity – yes, another one – that looks into mental health. I can’t quite make out why it’s MQ, but that’s modern marketing for you and they don’t have a contact page so I can’t ask them.

What is interesting in the post I have linked to is the one thing Alex doesn’t speak of. She suffered from Schiz – schizophrenia – and all she talks about are the voices, the circumstances, her friends and how she couldn’t cope. She didn’t mention brain chemistry once…

This is her tale: “I became completely disconnected from the person I had been before.

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An Interview With My Laptop.

There’s a lot of talk about Artificial intelligence, only I feel that the people who are trying to forward this notion don’t really know how our brains work – and they certainly don’t know how a computer does its job. But that’s modern life for you: they are paid lots of money to make silly suggestions and I’m not.

It’s said that goldfish lead exciting lives. This is because in their small world, practically everything’s new. By the time they’ve toured their bowl, they’ve forgotten what was there, and it’s all exciting and fresh again! It must be quite wonderful to be able to spend your waking hours in the pursuit of such discoveries. The trouble is that the goldfish’s powers of retention aren’t very strong, and whilst everything’s fresh and new, that’s only because they’ve forgotten what was there fifteen seconds ago.

It was with this thought in mind that I switched on my computer this morning and I thought I would interview it, to give you an idea of the life of an ordinary, everyday Laptop.

Me: “Good morning, computer.

My Laptop: “Yer sees now: I’s gotta do all this processin’ like, just to speak to yer. Right? Coz, like I can’t do anyfin wivvout wot someone’s gone and programmed it, like, There thassanuvver billion done”

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Celebrating The Centenary Of Entering WW1.

April 6th 1917 was the day America entered WW1. That was celebrated by the US military with a show of power in the Middle East. An act that shocked me to the core, and believe me, it takes a lot to shock me. Persistent online trolling has not only taught me much, it has given me a thick skin to the ignorant of our world. What it cannot do, however, is give me a skin thick enough to survive an exploding cruise missile.

Because that is what America did this morning when it aided their troops in Syria. The Americans destroyed an important airbase which was subsequently stormed by ISIS. (Click here for more.)

A friend of mine posted a comment with a link to an article by Paul Craig Roberts, which had an analysis of the state of play in Syria. Much of what follows will be an expansion of what he writes. You can find the post by clicking here.

Has Trump Surrendered?

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Boys Don’t Have Bad Hair Days.

Frank Zappa.
Frank Zappa.

Okay, so the zany Frank Zappa probably did, what with his curly hair being as crazy as his music. Anyway, if you have long hair as I do, you do need to brush it regularly. Once a day at a minimum unless, like lazy old me, you don’t and wind up with nasty tats that are slow and not a little painful to straighten out.

A decent conditioner will help here, too. Mine is an organic mix of calendula and aloe vera. It works and keeps my hair nice and flowing. But this means I also have to wash my hair, which I do twice a week. Since it’s long, it does take quite a long time to dry.

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Perspective As A Modern Phenomenon.

It is this self-limiting ‘rinse and repeat’ thinking that leads to the repetitive use of items such as railway track and the iron girders that support the catenaries.
Railway tracks fading into the distance show perspective.

It was on Saturday evening I was on my way to see my friend Hendrik, and I was at the station waiting for the train. It was a little before sunset, to my right there was the last of the sun. A series of bright orange streaks on the misty horizon. Looking the other way, I could see the silver skeins of the tracks disappear into the distance, along with the never ending progression of the catenary masts.

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What Lives In Man?

Bullshitters, The Fraudsters Who Live From Them, And Health.

Rudolf Steiner speaks about Socrates, and the way this philosopher worked:

“When he was talking with his pupils Socrates did not wish to transmit anything at all of himself into their souls. He wished to leave it to them to draw out from themselves what they already possessed.”

Lecture, 12th September 1912 on the Gospel according to Mark.

If you use Socrates’ method of examination, and examination it is, you will be in for a disappointment. In our day and age if you are stupid enough to ask questions of others, you can expect some rough treatment.

After all, we live in times where it is polite to ask nothing. Nothing at all. Should you be asked a question that asks nothing, it is polite to respond by saying nothing at all. I mean, things will be said, it is more that the things that are said have no content, no meaning. That way, nothing is said.

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The Tale Of An Energy Corporation.

Conversing With People Who Have Been Told What To Say.

I filed my annual electricity meter readings to my energy company last December. It was a little late, because it should have been submitted in November. So when they suggested a correction, I readily agreed, imagining this to mean that they would correct my reading for the extra month of usage.

In late January, I was startled to find that my electricity provider took €100 out of my bank account without having given any warning.

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