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Dutch Dog Walkers And Dutch Dogs.

It’s not a problem for the Dutch alone, but when it comes to walking their dogs, it’s usually a case of the dog walking the Dutch. When a dog’s pulling at the lead, the dog is telling the walker that the dog is boss. It’s not very helpful in a world where the busy road next to them has cars travelling at 60km/h (40mph). Oh, and it’s a 30km/h zone… but again, that’s not something limited to the Dutch alone. But these are problems we’ve created for ourselves.

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Spam Revisited.

In a long forgotten post I spoke about spam. It is so forgotten that it was never transferred to my updated website… three (four) years ago? The spammers haven’t forgotten me, though, have they? I get a modest amount of spam each week, and I hope it will remain so because I find spam boring. They’re like the telemarketers. The people who phone you with ‘number withheld’, only to assail you with gleeful news that – well, you know the rest, don’t you? It’ll cost you money and you won’t see much – if any – of it again.

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Pieter Breughel The Younger, Calvary (1605)

The Breughels, father and son, were painters in the modern style. It is said of the younger Breughel that he copied a lot of his father’s works; this isn’t the point. The younger Breughel depicted them in the way he could as an individual.

The composition of the painting is important: there are three trees, and the meaning of these would have been immediate for the mediaeval soul
Pieter Breughel the Younger: Calvary.
Painted in 1605 it is a very different from his father’s more chaotic depiction.
Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht.

Whilst this is a religious painting that has a traditional theme, the manner of its depiction is very new. Instead of the formed ranks of poe faced onlookers and an unhappy but very staid Christ Jesus, we have here a gathering of real people and a still unhappy but far more mobile image of Jesus as he trudged his way up that hill. Now, Breughel’s father had painted this scene in 1564 but the two paintings are quite different. Perhaps I’ll have to take a few piccies when I’m next in Vienna, where it is held. This is its picture from Wikipedia.

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Celebrating The Centenary Of Entering WW1.

April 6th 1917 was the day America entered WW1. That was celebrated by the US military with a show of power in the Middle East. An act that shocked me to the core, and believe me, it takes a lot to shock me. Persistent online trolling has not only taught me much, it has given me a thick skin to the ignorant of our world. What it cannot do, however, is give me a skin thick enough to survive an exploding cruise missile.

Because that is what America did this morning when it aided their troops in Syria. The Americans destroyed an important airbase which was subsequently stormed by ISIS. (Click here for more.)

A friend of mine posted a comment with a link to an article by Paul Craig Roberts, which had an analysis of the state of play in Syria. Much of what follows will be an expansion of what he writes. You can find the post by clicking here.

Has Trump Surrendered?

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How The Brexit Was Won.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. It wasn't supposed to happen. Britain was supposed to stay in the Union. A lot of money was spent on keeping Britain in the European Union!
A carnival float depicts British Prime Minister Theresa May with a gun and the writing ‘Brexit’ on it prior to the traditional carnival parade in Duesseldorf, Germany, on Monday, Feb. 27, 2017.

Today, a reluctant but outwardly happy Theresa May will sign and deliver the letter to the European Union that invokes Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. This will start the two year process whereby the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland will leave the European Union, the European Free Trade Area and a few other incidental agreements.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It wasn’t supposed to happen. Britain was supposed to stay in the Union.

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Static Art In Ancient Egypt.

A Metaphor For The Permanence Of Egypt.

A Stele from the tomb of Nakhi depicting his life. He sits with his wife and his four sons bring him offerings. Everything is depicted in a static, formulaic manner.
19th Dynasty, c. 1200 BC.
Museo Egizio, Turin.

It could almost be said that history began with Egypt: what is important is the continuity of the Egyptian lifestyle for a period approaching three thousand years. There was the occasional hiccup, like the arrival of the Hittites and the outrageous Akhenaten. They were just hiccups, drops in the swimmingpool of Egypt’s continuity. Egypt’s way of life would continue as though it would never stop.

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America’s Strength Is Its Weakness.

America is a place where the sphere of the will lies in the conscious realm. They can do a lot, but can’t think. That is to say, there will be no reflection on what they did, all they will be aware of is the need to do something. Hence their constant interference in other countries and their aggressive stance.

You have to forgive them this: they can’t do anything else. They have to rattle cages because if they don’t they’ll not be active. This isn’t something you can tie down, because, like Samson’s hair, it will grow back and eventually the strength will return so that it can break free of its bonds. The problem here is that like the Bible story, America will bring the temple roof down on its head in the way Samson did.

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