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Dutch Dog Walkers And Dutch Dogs.

It’s not a problem for the Dutch alone, but when it comes to walking their dogs, it’s usually a case of the dog walking the Dutch. When a dog’s pulling at the lead, the dog is telling the walker that the dog is boss. It’s not very helpful in a world where the busy road next to them has cars travelling at 60km/h (40mph). Oh, and it’s a 30km/h zone… but again, that’s not something limited to the Dutch alone. But these are problems we’ve created for ourselves.

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Turning Cats Into Kittens.

A cat enjoying human company.
My Misho enjoying a tummy rub.

This is my cat, Misho. He’s adorable, not just because he’s fluffy, but because he’s friendly. Very friendly.

It’s only been some 150 years since cats have been seen as being the stuff of house pets. Before that, they were simply there to keep the place free of rats and mice, either in the home or on the farm. They would have to fend for themselves, but in those times, there were far more mice around. Cities as we know them – concrete, tarmac and solid brick walls were barely known back then and mice could be something of a problem.

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What’s On Mina’s Mind Today?


Looking Beneath Consciousness.

The Subconscious, Part 10.


P503i Mina enjoying my grubby gardening jeansMina, as you’ll know by now, is my cat. and waiting for any passing mouse. Thankfully there aren’t any around here, when there was, Mina straightened like a dart. Her body was stiff and had one purpose and one purpose alone: catch it. There was nothing else in her life at that moment.

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Modern Times

Learning From Mina

What Are Animals Trying To Tell Us?

I’ve never had a cat as a pet before, and it is quite a different experience to owning a dog. Dogs, compared to cats, are quite expressive. Cats have their own ways, but in being more independent they are also less communicative.

What are animals trying to tell us? They're like our boss, they can't tell us, can they?

I guess I need to hone my abilities to perceive the subtle signs cats give to their owners. Dogs do things that humans find easier to understand, like jumping up and wagging their tails. But then, like cats, they don’t go around saying thankyou for a nice dinner. They just curl up in their basket and go to sleep. Continue reading “Learning From Mina”

Emotional Intelligence · Stories

Mina Starts Gossip!

Mina acting as editor to my book.
Mina acting as editor to my book.

It happened when a friend said something about my cat. Now she just happens to live on the other side of the village. At the time, I hadn’t told her about my cat, so how she got to know about her is a mystery, but that’s life in a village. Word gets around. You see, the driver of the car which had stopped happened to be her neighbour, and so the story snuck out. If only that few interesting things happen in small villages and animals are cute. You see, they’d had to stop their car because a cat was sitting in the middle of the road. Being good citizens they got out, moved the cat to the pavement and phoned her owner.


That was me picking up the phone.

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