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The Unthinking Biochemist.

I was in conversation with a wannabe biochemist a few days ago. I say ‘wannabe’ because the gentleman in question is a retired electrical engineer. Well, you can imagine he knows a lot about electrons and a lot less about biochemistry.

That doesn’t stop him from believing in things – and the nature of belief is that it is unexplored and thus the belief is unfounded. In common parlance this is called an illusion. Continue reading “The Unthinking Biochemist.”

Modern Times

Slowly, Slowly, Catchee Monkey.

In the last few days, the Russians have set up so-called ‘safe zones’ in Syria. These are areas where military activity has been quelled and is unlikely to be able to form a resurgence. A question from a friend of min on Facebook asked if the Americans are likely to respect these zones, given the fact that the Americans will be denied any right to fly over them.

If the Americans intrude in one of these safe zones – and please remember they’re supporting the terrorists – then they really have no business there. The Americans aren’t bringing peace, are they? They’re nuisances and aiding other nuisances, and since there are clearly no nuisances in these safe zones, they have no need to be there.

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Why, the phrase”I hear voices” is woefully inadequate in summing up the horrendous nature of mental illness (3)

I shared something from Alex Sarll the other day, this is part three. It is an exploration of what I came to call “The Comfort Zone”. Her problem was that she couldn’t find hers.

Well, now she can. It’s cost her a very great deal; at least she got there in the end. Actually, given that she’s in her 30s, she got there in time to begin…

A person’s challenges are equal to their ability to meet them.

(Continued from part 2..) It’s like there is a web of fears, doubts and terrors shrouding your positive mind, and once something tips your train of thought over onto the lines of that …

Source: Why, the phrase”I hear voices” is woefully inadequate in summing up the horrendous nature of mental illness (3)

Emotional Intelligence

The Farewell Party.

The true suicide won't tell you, they'll just do it. This post will tell you what they will do.
The Farewell Party.

I can’t remember where I heard the story; but a gentleman invited all his friends to a Farewell Party. As I recall, he was a friendly enough chap with a houseboat on the Thames. That probably means up near Chiswick or beyond – although I’m no expert on houseboats or, come to that, the river Thames. Never mind, he had a houseboat and having sent out all the invitations by word or on paper, he bought in the nibbles and the wine, sorted out the record player and selected all the best dance music that he had.

It would be the best party he’d ever give in his life.

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Mind The Gap! · The Comfort Zone

Wim Wenders: Paris, Texas.

A Tale Of Modern Life.

It has been a very long time since I’ve seen this film; it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the last time I saw it was in a cinema in 1984 or 85. The film starts with a barren desert landscape and continues in that vein. Albeit now the barrenness is in the life of the main character, Travis Henderson, played by Harry Dean Santon with an eerie assurance. The atmosphere is drawn out by the guitar chords of Ry Cooder that at times are almost disturbing.

The film starts with a barren desert landscape and continues in that vein,
Travis Henderson, lost in Texas.
Albeit this isn’t the opening scene. It has the emptiness of the film that is the central metaphor for a life that has lost its focus.
Credit: Road Movies Filmproduktion, WDR.

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