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Marking Exams In Holland.

My friend Hendrik and I were chatting, and he mentioned that his university had cut the time he would have to mark his exams. He said that they were only allowing him two weeks instead of three to hand in the results.

Naturally, being me, I asked him if three years ago, they’d told him that he’d only have three weeks to mark the exams instead of four?

All Hendrik could say was “how can you know that?”

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Mind The Gap!

Wim Wenders: Paris, Texas. Part 2.

Paris, Texas.

The standing joke in the movie is that Travis’ father met his wife in Paris. He waits as all do because most will think that this is Paris, the capital of France. Well, of course, the joke is that this was Paris, Texas. I’ve used that myself in my own snipe at the American way of life (1).

Wim Wenders is German, after all, and can see the Americans in a clearer light than the Americans themselves. It’s how cultures interact. Well, it does unless you’re an American in which case other cultures are usually avoided. My own experience of this in mid 80s Germany, in the ‘American Sector’ was of meeting American army soldiers who had stopped at a fuel station to ask directions. In English, of course. Directions, what is more, that were clearly marked on the motorway signs. To suggest that they hadn’t a clue is unkind.

That doesn’t make it any less true.

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